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Listeners will tighten in a network

Sejl - house EMG will place advertising on radio stations Krutoy Media

As it became known daily, sales - a house Media Plus the European Media group will sell advertising on radio stations Love Radio, Radio the Summer residence Taxi FM radio holding Krutoy Media. While only Broadcasting corporation Professional media (owns Autoradio Energy, Humour FM and Romantika) involves advertisers, without resorting to the help of counterparts.

Since January, 2013 Media Plus will start to co-operate with media holding Krutoy Media in Moscow and ten more cities (St.-Petersburg, Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Khabarovsk, Kaliningrad, Samara, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok). In Moscow within the limits of the project Total radio the sales - a house are going to sell advertising possibilities of three radio stations: Love Radio, Radio the Summer residence Taxi FM . Outside of capital — at two stations (Love Radio, Radio the Summer residence ) .

By an estimation sellera, now in Moscow weekly coverage of radio audience within the limits of service Total radio makes an order of 7,6 million persons. thanks to occurrence of radio stations Krutoy Media our pool of advertisers will receive weekly coverage across Moscow of 8,1 million radio listeners, having increased with 73 to 79 % — has told daily the head Media Plus Darya Chujkova. In regions the project included seven radio stations with weekly coverage of 43,1 million radio listeners, with occurrence of two stations of holding Krutoy Media weekly coverage will increase to 45,1 million persons, she has noted.

Also after expansion of a circle of partners on 10 % cost of thousand contacts (CPT) will fall in price. the Problem of ours sales - a house — at such huge coverage to leave on the minimum cost CPT. For example, across Moscow it made 629 rbl., and now — 574 rbl. — tells g - zha Chujkova.

Krutoy Media will continue to sell independently local and regional advertising on the radio stations. at the moment advertising sale on holding radio stations is carried out by exclusively own sales department. sellerov we never used services and in the near future we do not plan to give them an exclusive right on sale of all our advertising possibilities — the head of sales department Krutoy Media Alexander Cherkavsky speaks. As he said, partnership with Media Plus will allow holding to involve new advertisers. The radio holding will increase the incomes in a category a retail, insurance and bank services, he is assured. total radio in turn, will increase coverage of female audience thanks to radio station Love Radio. In 2013 Krutoy Media plans to increase sales on 30 — 35 %. By results of three quarters 2012 growth of advertising sales has made an order of 30 % in relation to 2011.

Services Media Plus within the limits of this project 12 radio stations (" already use; independent — the Chanson the Militian wave and partially the Silver rain and also entering into holdings Multmedia holding EMG, Gazprom - Media ).

our radio Best. Fm, Rock. Fm, Ru. Fm (enter in Multimedia holding ) participate in the project since July, 2011. now approximately 15 — 20 % of the advertising income have on cooperation within the limits of the given project — the president of holding Alexander Shkolnik has explained daily. Commercial services of radio stations continue sale of regional advertising irrespective of counterparts.