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From 2 telematics

founders have left board of directors 2 telematics there were company founders — Igor Grushelevsky and Alexander Gurko who now heads noncommercial partnership on development in Russia of technologies GLONASS.

As has informed daily a source familiar with affairs AFK System extraordinary general meeting of shareholders " on November, 30th has taken place; 2 telematics . By results of meeting the decision on election of new structure of board of directors was accepted. In it it has not appeared soosnovatelej the companies — Alexander Gurko owning of 17 % of the company, and Igor Grushelevsky (7 %). The structure is confirmed as follows: Alexander Chub (NIS), Sergey Drozdov (AFK System ), Alexey Bujanov (AFK System), Alexey Krupkin (AFK System ) .

In February, 2012 AFK System declared increase in the share in authorised capital stock NIS with 51 to 70 % by the repayment of additional issue of shares of company. As payment AFK System has brought in authorised capital stock NIS a package with 51 - a percentage share in an authorised capital stock 2 telematics .