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Rosnano it will be defined with preservation of factories Nitola in the middle of December

Rosnano can stop under control state companies group factories Nitol in the Irkutsk region, letting out silicon for solar batteries. The decision on preservation of manufacture or its reduction to the minimum volumes owners Nitola and local authorities plan to accept in the middle of December. To create components for electronics and alternative energy sources it became unprofitable — from the moment of start of the project the world prices for polycrystalline silicon have fallen with 400 to 16 dollars for kg.

In the near future at factories Usolye - the Siberian silicone (USS) and Usolehimprom (UHP), entering into a group of companies Nitol can dismiss half of workers, have informed daily in Rosnano . Reductions are connected with sharp falling of profitability which directly depends on the world prices for silicon. the raw materials price for four years has fallen catastrophically — with 400 to 16 dollars for kg, — the operating director " marks; Rosnano Sergey Polikarpov. — it is connected with building of large manufactures of silicon in China .

Such decisions are studied now by proprietors. The basic owners of factories — Rosnano and the Savings Bank — cannot decide destiny of the enterprises independently as they have the status gradoobrazujushchego. Proprietors are obliged to co-ordinate any actions with the region authorities. At present some variants of the further existence of group of the company " are considered; Nitol . The Most probable, under the message a press - services Rosnano These are variants of preservation both one of factories, and two manufactures at once, and also dismissal of an order of 800 employees (from 1400 working on both factories). In the Savings Bank say that the choice of the further way can be carried out only at the account of interests of all participants of the project .

As marks a source daily, familiar with affairs Nitola in an early autumn the question on re-equipment of manufacture of polycrystalline silicon that would lower the cost price of raw materials was considered and would help factories to compete to the Chinese manufacturers. development of such variant would need investments of an order 5 mlrd rbl. However, apparently from statements, owners have not taken this step — the interlocutor of the edition speaks.

Sergey Polikarpov hopes that the project in the Irkutsk region still can be reanimated. At the moment the wave of bankruptcies withdraws superfluous capacities from the market, experts speak about a gradual rise in prices to 40 — 50 dollars for kg in 2014 — 2015. Such price level allows the enterprises to cover expenses for manufacture, to update the equipment and to pay off with creditors. If we make decision to preserve the manufacture, all employees of the company who are subject to reduction, will receive indemnifications and the payments provided TK — sums up g - n Polikarpov.

Scientific council Rosnano has approved creation of manufacture of polycrystalline silicon in 2009. The project total amount has made 19,7 mlrd rbl., from which Rosnano the state company invested 13,9 mlrd rbl. In 2011 has redeemed a share of initiators of the project of brothers of Kotenko then new management led by the native of company Nvision Group Valery Rostokinym has been appointed. Now the Savings Bank owns 41,25 % of the company, and Rosnano — 58,75 %.