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D.Blatt was defined with the future in Russian national team

the Head coach of Russian national team on basketball David Blatt has made decision to continue work on this post and will prepare a domestic command for Evrobasketu - 2011.
- you really fly to Moscow this week?
- Yes. Right after a match of Euroleague with Barcelona (game will take place in Tel - Avive on Thursday. - Prim. Red.) .
- whether Means it, what all points over i are placed also you precisely remain in Russian national team?
- Yes. All is stipulated also all solved. I am going to act at session of executive committee RFB and formally to confirm the decision: to continue to satisfy a contract condition at all points.
- It seems that you have found common language with new president RFB Alexander Krasnenkovym?
- Since the first moment at me the sensation that Krasnenkov - the serious, understanding person was created. And with each conversation this impression amplified. Basically I never had problems with RFB. All promises were carried out, and under contract obligations of special problems did not arise. As to Krasnenkova now to me it is absolutely clear: it makes the decisions necessary for progress of the Russian basketball, and conducts it in the necessary direction.
- a management Makkabi Did not try to prevent continuation of your work in Russian national team?
- With Makkabi everything is all right. All is stipulated.
- when you will start to prepare a Russian team for the European championship in Lithuania?
- the Season for Makkabi comes to the end in the end of May. And the European championship starts in the end of August. Means, at a national team will be almost three months for preparation. I think, it is quite enough of it to develop the game concept. As certain style at a command already has developed.
- you mean that superrigid, multiarmed protection which in 2007 has brought Russia a title of the champion of Europe, and nowadays allows Makkabi to win Euroleague?
- Let well alone. So after all speak on - russki, isn`t that so? Though, certainly, one-sided our preparation will not be. All will depend on structure. Nevertheless I consider that good protection - a basis of success of any command.
- how much you were defined with tournaments in which the national team will take part before Evrobasketom?
- Them will be a little. For example, in the end of August, with 22 - go on 24 - e, we will play on tournament in Israel. Except owners Poland national team and one more command which will be defined later will be our contenders.
- a traditional question: Kirilenko will arrive?
- For Andrey the door in a national team is opened wide open. He the magnificent master, a star of level of NBA, and any trainer would like to have at the order of such player. I hope, this time the answer of Kirilenko (the forward Utah the Jazz has passed CHE - 2009 and CHM - 2010. - Prim. Red.) Will be positive.
- Russia has obviously carried with an European championship toss-up. Will aspire to leave in the second stage from one of the first places in group?
- About it early to speak, as it is not known, in what structure we will play. Here if at the disposal of trainers there will be all all or nearly so whom we plan to invite, then another matter. In this case I can guarantee: Russian national team will be a strong team and can struggle for the high purposes.
- it is a question of hit on the Olympic Games in London?
- I Think, at certain coincidence of circumstances this problem to us on teeth.
- whether you in a national team intend to invite someone from the naturalized players?
- I do not know. In the last year`s World championship the national team did without them, and such situation can repeat in Lithuania. However, on a court yard only February, and before acceptance of final decisions still far.
- Gather to freshen a line-up perspective beginners?
- Trainers of a national team watch closely young players and will continue to do it further. However concrete surnames I not to name ready yet. I can assure only you that we will define structure of a national team exclusively on a professional basis, according to potential of each of candidates. That is the same as it became and earlier.
- When you are going to have a rest? For the exemplary family man and the father of four children a question very actual.
- (the Tired voice.) as - nibud I will find a few time, when to a smog... I hope that to a smog.
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