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Attacking CSKA has made the decision to finish career

Attacking BK CSKA of Ramunas Shishkauskas has made decision to finish career of the player. This season became for the basketball player of the Lithuanian national team to the last.
as a part of modular Lithuania Shishkauskas became the champion of Europe in 2003 - m, has won bronze the Olympic Sydney in 2000 - m and successful Evrobasketa for Russians - 2007. All clubs in which acted attacking, necessarily became champions of the countries that is why in the Cone collection there is a gold of superiority of Lithuania, Italy, Greece and, naturally, five titles of the champion of Russia with soldiers.
Ramunas became also to one of heroes of victories of its commands in Euroleague: in 2007 - m it in structure a Panatinaikos has finished over CSKA, and the next year, having changed clothes in it is red - dark blue colours, became MVP tournament and the major factor of the Madrid victory.
As a part of CSKA of Shishkauskas has spent 91 match in Euroleague, 42 matches in the championships of Russia PBL, 11 matches of the Cup of Russia and 29 matches in Uniform league VTB.
- Ramunas - the person on whom I always could rely, both on a platform, and in life, - speaks the president of CSKA Andrey Vatutin. - Its wide experience, outstanding skill, wisdom were the major components of success of CSKA. Ramunas has proved that everything is able on a platform that is capable to be arranged under any problems assigned to it by the trainer. From the bottom of the heart I wish Ramunasu and to his family to the full to enjoy life after sports, we will be always glad to see them in Moscow .
- the Decision to fasten has accepted in the middle of a season. Why Simply I feel that it is time to stop. Could play still, certainly. And health allows. On the other hand, I do not want to play until on a stretcher will not carry away from a platform, - quotes the basketball player an official site of CSKA.
- Persuaded to remain?
- my opinion have concerned validly. I consider that if the person has doubts then there is also a sense for arrangements. If the wish is expressed accurately - what for?
- What you see the future? After all not all time it is necessary to take away children in school.
- So happens that all variants in my life appeared as if by itself. The same basketball - has come once the trainer to school, has told to come to a command. So concrete plans at me are not present. But, for certain, something will be.