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The cup Gomel will collect in USK CSKA of all of the strongest

2 - on October, 3rd in USK CSKA of a name of A.Ja.Gomelsky will pass most representative of all basketball early tournaments of this year in Europe, become already traditional Alexander Gomelsky`s Cup. Its founder and one of organizers tells about preparation - the director of School of the Olympic reserve 4 names of the legendary domestic trainer Alexander Gomelsky - younger.
- this year tournament will pass in the third time, - Alexander Aleksandrovich speaks. - By tradition it will collect rather solid structure of participants. The Moscow CSKA and Belgrad the Guerrilla - participants the Ending of four present Euroleague, Athenian a Panatinaikos - the champion last. Does not need representation and Kaunas Zhalgiris . Alexander Gomelsky`s cup will pass in a format the Ending of four Euroleague, with that only a difference that a solving duel and a match for bronze medals will take place next day after semi-finals. A prize fund of tournament of 50 thousand dollars. I hope that soldiers from the third attempt all - taki will win a trophy of a name of the well-known instructor.
tournament is spent under the decision of the Government of Moscow and Management is sports - entertainment actions of a city has all necessary means for carrying out of competitions at the highest level. Many thanks to a city management that it has found in present uneasy conditions both possibility, and desire to pay a memory tribute to great trainer Alexander Jakovlevichu Gomelsky. The Russian Federation of basketball has not stood aside also, having included our Cup in an official calendar. Today it is already possible to tell that thanks to efforts of many people, tournament became on - to the present traditional.
capital spectators who, had time to miss the big basketball, I want to invite in CSKA cash desks USK: Tickets have already gone on sale. They will be valid for all game day, and fans can look for small money at once at two matches of commands of the highest European class. After the World championship which has recently come to the end in Turkey, Muscovites the eyes will see many strongest players supporting the national teams. Our Russian soldiers who were leaders of Russian national team in this season I hope become leaders and in club.