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The representation of Russia in Euroleague will be increased

Yesterday in Vitoria at meeting of representatives of leading clubs of Euroleague its chief executive Zhordi Bertomeu declared: since a season - 2009/ 10 in the main Euro cup two Russian teams will play a minimum.
According to this project, CSKA which was all last years the unique constant representative of our country in Euroleague, should obtain the three-year licence And, and one more Russian team - annual licence V
However, this variant - not unique. Yesterday on Assembly ULEB in Barcelona representatives of leading national leagues of continent have voted for other, more cardinal project of reforms of Euroleague according to which Russia should receive not two, but three places in tournament: two basically to a grid and one - in qualification.
we Will remind that the conflict between Bertomeu and president ULEB (and also the Spanish league ASV) Eduardo Porteloj round system of selection of clubs in the Euroleague, inflamed in this summer, threatens with split in continental basketball. Thus both at war the parties are rather interested in sympathies of Russia. Our country while occupies a waiting attitude and prefers to choose - what of the parties will offer the best conditions, transfers Sports - the Express train .
the Most important thing: without dependence how the conflict between ULEB will develop and Euroleague, Russia will receive in the main Euro cup a minimum two places. We will study conditions which offer our country Portela and Bertomeu, and at session of a superleague which will take place next Monday, we will definitively generate our position. I can tell that in Barcelona representatives of all European leagues have unanimously voted for expansion of the Russian quota. According to the project of Portely, Russia receives a minimum two places in the basic tournament and one more - in qualifying - president RFB Sergey Chernov has declared.