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CSKA of the beginnings for health

Maxim Alekseev
On Wednesday, on October, 22nd, the Moscow basketball club of CSKA has taken off in draw of Euroleague ULEB of a season 2008 - 09. In the first match of a group stage soldiers met Italian Armani Dzhins Milano .
Before starting game the instructor of CSKA of Ettori Messina expressed, as it is accepted to speak, reserved optimism: For us it is the first match in Euroleague, and we expect that it will be heavy. We know that in Milan a good command, and we are at the moment far from the form in which we would like to be during key instants of a season. But we progress, considerably we add in command game. The forthcoming meeting is difficult for comparing to that which has occurred in predsezonke, after all milantsy acted without Rokki, Soared, Mordente and Bulleri therefore they represented absolutely other command .
Some excitement of the Italian expert could be understood: After all in inter-season period the structure of soldiers has undergone appreciable changes - a number of new players has come to a command, - and on teamwork, certainly, time is required.
and it is valid, in comparison with last year`s draw of Euroleague, the starting five of owners has appeared in a little unusual kind: together beginners - attacking Terens Morris (29 years, the USA) and Erazem Lorbek (24 years, Slovenia) have appeared Ramunasom Shishauskasom, Dzhej Holdenom and Tradzhanom Lengdonom on a platform.
In general the match has shown that excitements of Messina have appeared absolutely vain. Struggle as equals, alas, it has not turned out. CSKA has moved in the account since first minute and further only methodically increased the advantage.
owners, without shelving business, have begun game extremely actively. 4,5 minutes later they conducted in the account with advantage in eight points - 12:4. Lengdon which have typed eight points, six of which - trehochkovymi throws have been swept especially up at Muscovites. The obviously not set beginning of a match has compelled the trainer of visitors of Pero Buchchi to take the first time - a miss in six minutes after a starting whistle. However CSKA as says army fan krichalka, was already not to stop . 50 seconds prior to the quarter termination the exact throw of Lorbeka has finished advantage of owners already to 16 points, and the final siren has fixed the account 22:9.
the match Intrigue threatened to be killed to the big break. Understanding that its wards completely supervise a meeting course, Messina has afforded the next changes in structure: the second quarter on a platform there have begun Holden, Shishkauskas, Morris, Savrasenko and Planinich. And, in 18 seconds of the first of them has replaced Lengdon, and in one and a half minute Hrjapa has joined game. Whether so intensive rotation of structure has affected, whether soldiers have a little calmed down, but 10 - minute visitors have spent the second more confidently. As a result by fourth minute rupture in the account was reduced to 9 points - 28:19. However after that Russians have added again in activity and to the big break without special problems have finished the account till 49:27. And, at owners hammered in almost each of leaving on a platform: including Zisisa, Hrjapu and even Savrasenko.
Advantage in 22 points on such game did not leave any doubts: CSKA any more will not miss a victory under no circumstances. And the course of almost all third quarter only confirmed these expectations: 2,5 minutes prior to a siren advantage of owners made already 28 points! But after that owners have suddenly decided to allow to relax a little to themselves, during remained time Armani Dzhins has levelled game, and the quarter as a result has come to the end with the account 66:43.
game Renewal has shown that visitors really managed to break a game course - their backlog became slowly, but to be reduced. When 4 minutes prior to a siren Thomas has hammered trehochkovyj the account became already 77:59 in favour of owners. However to the spectators who have filled USZ CSKA a little more than half, and it was not necessary to worry this evening. Having scented wrong, soldiers have added again aggressions in attack, and their odds began to grow again. When for 2,5 minutes till the end of game of Larbek realised two penal, and has finished the account till 83:59 - that all became definitively clear. During remained time of a command already simply finished a match. Total figures on a board showed 90:64 - more than a convincing victory of CSKA on start of a group stage! The following game soldiers will spend 29 - go numbers on departure - with Greek Panionisom .
Euroleague. Men. 1 - j group tournament. 1 - j round

Group D
CSKA (Russia) - Milan (Italy) - 90:64 (22:9, 27:18, 17:16, 24:21)
Points:   Lengdon, 18 -   Thomas, 12