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Basketball players of CSKA have begun a season about a miracle - victories

For a victory over Marussi in a starting match of Euroleague of CSKA it was necessary fantastic, validolnaja an ending - to include victorious trehochkovyj Hrjapy, even video viewing was necessary for arbitrators.
it is difficult even to remember, when CSKA last time should be played to such emptiness. A small command of small Athenian area, for the first time in history having made the way in Euroleague, has forcedly got over on huge 20 - thousand OAKA - under tournament regulations. And with it to meet one of grandees of continental basketball there have arrived fans - all 200 persons, including families of players. How here not to sympathise beaten out in qualification Albe and not pogrustit about overflowed Berlin 2... By the way, Americans acting in the yellow form since February do not get wages. Perhaps, the Euroleague has a just cause to brag of adherence to principles and incorruptibility - for marketing reasons to have German club in the basic tournament in one thousand times it was better.
meanwhile Marussi quite convincingly proved that is worthy to receive Euroleague - by a sports principle. The notorious organised game based on tenacious and rigid protection, bore fruit. Using fast hands of ubiquitous Hrjapy soldiers effectively destroyed bezzvezdnoe an item attack of contenders, but those and did not think to despond. Owners skilfully used numerous errors of CSKA (11 in first half!), bright departing to counterattacks (and after all it is considered that is a slow command!!) Removed rebounds on another`s board and got to those rare moments when remained without supervision.
game flew surprisingly quickly - fouls arbitrators fixed marvellously a little - and did not develop in any way in favour of soldiers. Marussi has grasped leadership 8 - 3, CSKA has taken away its efforts of Sokolov and Lengdona (14 points to a break), but +6 following the results of the first quarter has surprisingly easily lost. Not surprisingly: first 20 minutes in the column of productivity only four players of visitors - besides mentioned pair were noted, it is Shishkauskas and Holden. To cheer itself up, it was necessary to remember that in a recent match with the Locomotive first half too has not caused delight. And situation correction was required - need all that on alphabetical basketball trues.
To be corrected CSKA did not hasten. The situation on selection did not change, decisions in an attack were accepted disputable, and to the middle of the third period visitors have added into the account only five points - penal Lengdona which have jerked under a ring and difficult trehoj Holdena. For a short while owners even have appeared on 5 points ahead - after distant hit of Kiza. In the answer soldiers have added in protection, Holden became more active, at last, has got from - under rings of Radenovich, and is red - dark blue have moved - 45 - 47.
Radically thus has exchanged nothing. Commands have continued to eat each other poedom in protection and to intercept leadership. Evgenie Pashutin has sent on a parquet of habitual leaders, and those have seized the contender teeth. For 2. 30 to a siren the adjusted sight of Shishkauskas has got the second trehu for a quarter also has given CSKA a small separation - 57 - 61. But this success has played with the forward a malicious joke. Following three possession of Ramunas has incurred, having received the block - shot and having made two losses. As a result for 1. 10 up to the end ahead again it has appeared Marussi - 62 - 61. The first attempt has ended to recoup failure - Holdena have covered. CSKA otzashchishchalsja also has received 21,6 seconds to pull out a victory.
Lengdon has made the business - and for 10,6 to a siren the ball has flown - taki in a ring Marussi . Remains doterpet a little, but Kiz has sent in the purpose trehochkovyj from a jump.
1,4 seconds. That it is possible to be in time in this time when contenders have even one more not penetrative a foul? It has appeared, just that is necessary. The long pass of Planinicha has found Hrjapu (until sinning exclusively misses from a distance), to which akkurat the distance has sufficed to send a ball in the purpose. A victory? Arbitrators look video... Was in time! A victory!
Evgenie Pashutin, the head coach of CSKA:
That we expected, have received - very difficult match against a good command, with good structure and the trainer. Pleases that our leaders - Holden find the form, Lengdon and Shishkauskas have shown today game of high level. In protection we consulted, Marussi has typed only 65 points, and over an attack still it is necessary to work - here we looked poorly, especially in the second quarter. I want to tell separately some words about Hrjape which only has recovered recently from a trauma received in this hall. For it both a command this throw and this victory are very important psychologically .
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Euroleague ULEB 09/ 10. A group stage. Group With
Marussi (Greece) - CSKA (Russia) - 65:66 (12:18, 22:14, 14:17, 17:17)
M: Kaimakoglou, 15, Kiz, 14, Mavroedis, 13, Lukas, 10, Homan, 5, Pelekanos, 3, Batis, 3, Kendall, 2
TS: Lengdon, 18, Holden, 16, Shishkauskas, 12, Sokolov, 7, Radenovich, 6, Hrjapa, 5, Planinich, 2