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Victory over the Guerrilla has allowed CSKA to receive the permit in the Top - 16

the Confident victory over the Guerrilla has allowed soldiers to receive the permit in the Top - 16 for three rounds to finish reguljarki .
Starting 10 - 2 hardly someone have misled. That the Guerrilla will not give in without a fight, it was clearly primary. Absence of Krsticha as a part of owners gave chance to visitors, and those have tried to load under the full program big . Musli and Gagich have provided the jerk which has transferred leadership is black - a white command. In the beginning of the second quarter it became disturbing the first time when Luchich has thrown trehu with a foul (truth, did not realise penal), and has deduced grobarej on four points forward - 23 - 27.
Thus for soldiers as - that was not bojazno. As it is quiet, as have lost, they have returned leadership. Symmetry to defence was given by Mitsov, miracles were created by Jackson who was giving out one entertainment moment behind another, Vorontsevich fought on boards and accurately realised all possible points, thus, when in the middle of the period Sokolov and Kaun have returned on a bench with three fouls everyone, has confidently taken a place of the centre.
towards the end of half of CSKA slowly but surely began to appropriate the initiative. Belgradtsy have rested in inconvenient for itself a zone also have made the way through it for a short while, having received two trehochkovyh successively from Milosavlevicha. However, it was the unique piece when visitors managed to leave for a short while two-place backlog. Six points of Kristmasa finding confidence have returned to owners comfortable leadership.
Muscovites have begun finishing quarter with the suffocating protection compelling contenders to remain without a throw within 24 seconds. Again Hrjapa which once have organised two fast separations successively (dankom shone and interception), Kaun has adapted, and the calmed down soldiers have begun to please spectators a show time - here, clearly, Teodosich distributing a miracle - transfers tried. Three minutes prior to a siren on a parquet at CSKA does not remain any player of the starting five, but for a short while - the fifth foul of the fighter of Sokolov has compelled to return for a platform of Kauna. the Third the structure, truth, has not managed to flash, having made some losses and having let out the Guerrilla from dvadtsatnika .
On materials BK CSKA
Ettore Messina, the head coach of CSKA: it is obvious that we have shown good game. From the point of view of an attack, probably, it was the best for us in this season. It was a little strange that the contender acted without basic playing Vestermanna, and we did not have not enough heavy forward Ertsega and centre Krsticha. At the same time we have managed to supervise situations, when opponents pressed through us under boards, also battled on selection. Vorontsevich has fine played on both parties of a platform, Sokolov has very much helped, well played Kaun. A unique problem that sometimes we insufficiently well gave in, went to far in dribbling, we slowed down our attack, but nevertheless the most part of time fine moved a ball and defended .
Euroleague. Men. A group stage. 7 - j round. Group D
CSKA (Moscow) - the Guerrilla (Belgrad) - 78:61
(23:22, 25:14, 13:12, 17:13)
Points: Uimz (14), Kristmas (13), Vorontsevich (12), Hrjapa (11), Jackson (11) - Luchich (12), Milosavlevich (12), Gordon (11)