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CSKA has passed the first stage lost-free

It having appeared at once without five players of the basic structure, CSKA has supported prestige of the leader of the regular championship of Euroleague, having won the tenth match from ten.
the demand of soldiers for a match contained only 10 persons. Besides and Vorontsevicha which have not arrived to Malaga, Gordon and Kirilenko, in the game form Mehija and Hrjapa at all have not changed clothes. The first has the day before pulled resulting muscle of the right hip on training, at the second on the way to the plane the temperature has risen. Losses unikahi against problems of visitors looked insignificant - owners have left out of the demand of Valtersa and Dardena.
It was interesting to observe, what rotation it will be red - dark blue in a forward line as in actually companionable match it was possible to afford experiments. Owners, having seen a weak place of Muscovites, have tried to attack more often from three-second, stormed a board in struggle for a rebound (not in vain andaluztsy are in the lead in Euroleague on selections in an attack). Lavrinovich`s fast two fouls have aggravated a situation, but Jonas Kazlauskas has not unsuccessfully tried in quality big Kurbanov.
in the middle of the third quarter fans have waited and a double tower - simultaneous occurrence on a platform of Krsticha and Kauna. Approximately for this moment the army maximum in first half has had: the throw of Ponkrashova has brought CSKA +9 - 29 - 38. Activity of Kauna and Voronova has added qualities to protection, but stability has not brought. unikaha nevertheless has stolen up in an ending of the second period, having left on a break with backlog in distant hit.
in the beginning of the third period owners even have extracted leadership, having used the weakened mood of players of CSKA. But the pair of interceptions of the Swede and diligence of Krsticha with Lavrinovich have restored the status - kvo. It seemed that game was rolled in a channel of equal struggle, but soldiers have unexpectedly enough added. ponkrashov and the Swede have burst trehochkovymi, and soon Anton`s pass under a board has given for the first time to one of commands two-place advantage - 61 - 71.
Already troubles have appeared at green . Were loaded by fouls of Zhorich, Frilend, Lima and Roulend that is why in an attack at soldiers has appeared a lot of freedom. What stay with pleasure used, at times throwing really effective balls. Further dozen points of advantage, truth, was not possible to promote in any way. But also attacks unikahi became chaotic and easily read. For one and a half minute up to the end the Swede has given out alle - up... Teodosichu which has simply shifted a ball in a ring, having caused comic indignation demanding danka CSKA benches. The outcome of a match of doubts any more did not cause.
Euroleague. Men. 1 - j group tournament. 10 - j round. Group In
unikaha (Spain) - CSKA (Russia) - 83:91 (23:22, 18:22, 22:27, 20:20)
Points: Fitch, 16 -   Teodosich, 18
CSKA 10 10
a Panatinaikos 10 7
Unikaha 10 4
Zhalgiris 10 4
Broze 10 3
Zagreb 10 2