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Man`s Russian national team on basketball was headed by F.Katsikaris

the new head coach of Russian national team on basketball there was Fotis Katsikaris. The Greek expert will enter the post on Monday, on December, 24th.
to congratulate us still early, on Monday morning will pass executive committee where the trainer should be confirmed still, - the president of the Russian Federation of basketball Alexander Krasnenkov has told. - Formality, not formality, and the official confirmation yet was not. I the person superstitious also would not began to hasten.
the history is close to end, but yet has not come to the end. Anyway Monday afternoon there will be an official announcement - the word of Krasnenkova of News give.
the contract with Katsikarisom is signed for four years to the Olympic Games in Rio - de - Zhanejro. We will notice that at the Greek the agreement in force with Bilbao and in the championship of Spain it is forbidden to trainers to combine work in club and a national team. Most likely, the contract of Katsikarisa with Bilbao it will be terminated in the end of a season.
to Bilbao the expert trained Aris Valencia sankt - Petersburg the Dynamo and AEK. Earlier the Russian team was trained by American David Blatt.