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The UNIX has lost to Barcelona the second match 1/ 4 endings of Euroleague

Basketball players of the UNIX adequately resisted to Barcelona and in the second match chetvertfinalnoj series plej - off Euroleague, but all - taki has conceded - 63:66. By definition it is difficult to UNIX to compete on equal terms with present Barcelona which sleeps and sees itself in the Ending of four Euroleague. And all for this purpose tries to do. Even in the first match with citizens of Kazan players of capital of Catalonia tried to follow strictly to trainer`s installations and when the UNIX, having made jerk 9:0, has reduced backlog to - 3, Barcelona has not departed forward like mad, and continued to defend with firmness, expecting the chance. And when attack of Gubanova was covered with Wallace, Veremeenko has missed from a favourable situation, and Domerkant is unexpected for itself has lost a ball, Catalans as if the spring compressed by a skilful hand, has shot, having sorted things out.
It is possible to worry as much as necessary concerning the perfect errors, the compelled misses and unexpected turns during a match, it can help lost command if only its players do not make correct conclusions a little. And in a following match will try not to make them. And if in the regular championship or at a stage of group tournament such possibility can be presented not soon in matches plej - off far it is not necessary to go. In a case with Barcelona to the UNIX possibility to prove to be in other, more advantageous kind, was presented already late at night Moscow time on Thursday.
Gathering for a match, players and trainers of the UNIX have not missed possibility to take an interest in an opposition outcome in hockey plej - off between Ak a leopard and the Tractor . And a victory leopards in the fifth overtime them has fine impressed. And though anybody aloud has not stated desire not to lag behind fellow countrymen - hockey players, in a shower, especially Russian players, sincerely wanted it. Another matter as similar to achieve in opposition with Barcelona which though has no image of the senior football sister, but in grandees of the European club basketball appears?
it was easily guessed that the instructor Barcelonas Javier Paskual not begins to change a starting lineup of the first meeting - at trainers it is not accepted to do similar shifts after victorious matches. But all - taki was interesting, how much guesses can be realised: ahead some more matches only in this series and to check up all the bojtsovsky group it is a high time.
It was still interesting to learn, how Evgenie Pashutin is going to resist to the dual centre Barcelonas in person Ndonga and Lorbeka. In its first meeting it was not possible to stop, and both players have brought the lion`s share of points in the beginning of a match, in certain degree having made excellent safety factor.
it is possible, of course, in happened to blame a centre UNIX of Dzhavaja which allowed Ndongu to throw precisely. But with Kazan the kid it is necessary more many and purposefully to work, that it has turned really to the standing player capable not only to guide fear at contenders at another`s ring, but also able adequately to defend at the board.
before the beginning of the second match I was visited again by curious thought which did not give rest at the first appointment of contenders in plej - off: how this series has ended, citizens of Kazan have successfully passed entrance examinations and are accepted in academy of the European basketball. However, when they have passed the first test, and not could to name precisely. Quite probably that it has occurred at a stage of the first group tournament when Evgenie Pashutina`s wards unexpectedly for many looked not so shy debutant of the most prestigious club tournament of Europe. Or, probably, when in the second group tournament have won three matches from three, against the commands which are already considered as old residents of high society. Or when fought in a final house duel with a Panatinaikos for a victory, and the permit in plej - off to the UNIX has brought Milan to which, at all I do not exclude, game of the Kazan club sympathised.
before the beginning of the second match on the video cube screen the shots telling about the Kazan club again have flown. Also it was pleasant to see, with what interest observed for a picture the Spanish colleagues - journalists - though the UNIX also has conceded in the first meeting, at the local press its game has left pleasant impression.
Catalans did not manage blitzkrieg as in the first game, but then they have made up for the, and have made it not without the aid of citizens of Kazan to whom game was given, but to benefit from this it was not possible. But account 17613 after the first quarter in advantage Barcelonas gave up to the UNIX hope of struggle continuation.
the second quarter there have begun at Catalans the same players, as finished the first period. Here only game at them has not gone, and citizens of Kazan have used a situation. When Veremeenko has free put in a ring of contenders trehu the UNIX in a series has come forward for the first time - 18:17. Javier Paskual there and then returns in fight of three players of a starting lineup, but citizens of Kazan hammer in two more points and Barcelona is compelled to take a time - a miss. Has not helped. And even having returned on a platform all starting five, it was not possible to Catalans to return still some time to itself advantage.
have helped to make it it citizens of Kazan. Grir has managed less, than for a minute to earn two fouls. And in the second a case it sfolil on Navarre making a throw from - for perimetre. The Spaniard has put all three balls as if under a carbon paper, and has made the account 24:23.
And here the word Nahbar which very successfully have entered into game has told. It has successively got precisely some balls, having reduced the account to a minimum - 30:31. Catalans have answered exact dvuhochkovym with a throw, and here at citizens of Kazan to answer in a similar way it has not turned out. At first Grir has greased trehochkovyj, and then and Domerkant has missed with a siren to even up scores - 33:30 in advantage Barcelonas . Whether
the UNIX more successfully in first half of match Could play? Certainly! And at all I do not doubt it. Was not at Evgenie Pashutina`s wards of shyness before the contender, and here nervishki plaid pranks. And Domerkant with Grirom pulled on itself a blanket trying to take game on itself, from time to time it is literally without noticing partners. Domerkant as a result for two quarters at all has not typed points, and Grir though has brought in a coin box of a command 4 points, the two fouls has more done much harm to command actions.
Nahbar which have played hardly more of 15 minutes surprisingly well operated. He has had time to type 14 points, having greased only one throw from seven, and also has compelled contenders on it three times sfolit. Estimating its game after first half of meeting, it is possible to assume that a trainer`s staff Barcelonas did not take into account the tenth number of the UNIX, having concentrated attention of the players to more eminent basketball players of the Kazan club.
it is useful has won back first two quarters and Veremeenko which were not leaving from a platform all this time. And let on its account only three points, Volodja it is useful operated in defence.
at Catalans the main contribution to a command coin box to first half of meeting was brought by Navarro and Lorbek which have typed for two 21 point. We will add here 6 points of Mikela and 4 Ndonga, here to you and a striking power Barcelonas .
the Third quarter has left commands on the same positions from which commands have continued a meeting after the big break - 51:48. However, one point should more be won. Though Nahbar has hammered in both penal, arbitrators behind a table have forgotten to designate it on a board. Here also it was necessary to the chief of a command Valery Kolesnikov to prove case. Judges have eliminated an error, but nerves have pulled about.
Validolnaja the ending of the fourth quarter delivered weight of pleasure to spectators, but only not to players of the team and their trainers. There was a possibility at citizens of Kazan to win this meeting, here only as speak in chess, they have passed by a course which conducted to a victory. Did not use some real possibilities in the end of a match, and here Catalans of the chance have not missed, having shown to contenders as it is necessary rationally, on particles to collect advantage, and to bring matters to logic end. Victorious, naturally.
Small shtrishok to the second match. Catalans punched 25 penal, having greased from them only twice, having shown grossmejstersky hit percent - 92. Citizens of Kazan also threw penal enough neatly - 75 percent of the hit, here only similar attempts at them was only twelve. And though to arbitrators it is difficult to make a complaint, the authority of Catalan club prevailed over them.
some words about the leader Barcelonas Navarro. The UNIX could win the second match, here if only was not on a platform of eleventh number of Catalans. Also has put at all that it has typed more than others in the command - 18 points. This player the present fighter, the leader of a command, and a necessary minute capable to take game on itself to pull out the partners from a deadlock condition. It seemed to me that in the UNIX of such player was not. As to Dzhavaja, on which to account 21 a point, and become by the most productive player in both commands to it to a role of the leader still while also it is far, as to cosmonauts to the Moon.
and all - taki in the matches played in Barcelona is also the positive moment. Meetings with Catalans have shown what to beat them it is possible, only it is not necessary to them to help and to try it is necessary to deprive of their trumps. How to struggle with Navarro who became the present phenomenon in the Spanish basketball, I admit fairly, I do not know. It is good, if the trainer`s staff of the UNIX to matches finds in Kazan against it countergame.
Euroleague. Men. Plej - off. 1/ 4 endings. The second matches
Barcelona (Spain) - the UNIX (Russia) - 66:63 (17:13, 16:17, 18:18, 15:15)
Points:   Navarro, 18 -   Dzhavaj, 21
the Account in a series: 2:0
a Panatinaikos (Greece) - Makkabi T - And (Israel) - 92:94 FROM (24:20, 19:21, 15:20, 25:22, 9:11)
the Account in a series: 1:1