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Khimki have won Uniform league VTB. VIDEO

the Destiny of a champion rank of Uniform league VTB has dared in the nervous ending abounding with tactical cunnings and fouls. And inhabitants of Khimki have appeared by right more strongly. Khimki became the champion of a season 2010 - 2011!
In the Ending of four Uniform League VTB of fans expected Russian an ale - klassiko : Khimki against CSKA. How many emotions and stories stand up for this opposition. And here a new series. Duel of the Lithuanian trainers who have come to commands on a course of a season: Kurtinajtis against Kazlauskasa. Duel two large fan - sectors: it is yellow - dark blue against it is red - dark blue. Duel of the strongest teams of Russia last years, participants of Euroleague. Yes simply fight of the most basic contenders in national basketball.
at himok there was a same starting five, as yesterday: Planinich - Fridzon - Kelati - Monja and Savrasenko. Throughout the first 2 and a half minutes any command could not open an abacus. At last it was possible to inhabitant of Khimki Savrasenko. Football figures 0 - 2 ( Khimki - visitors) kept almost 5 minutes. When it is yellow - dark blue three consecutive times have thrown from afar, the account became 6 - 15. And all 6 points at CSKA was typed by Holden, at us 7 of 15 - on the account of Kelati.
After a two-minute pause game became more rigid from both contenders. Inhabitants of Khimki continued to be protected and realise the attacks competently. As a result advantage of our command has reached +13 . But soldiers were exact from afar twice, and this episode has allowed an intrigue to return on a platform. Kurtinajtis took a time - a miss, but the contender all - taki has managed to come forward. During this moment three points of Fridzona became very important. Fans have with relief sighed. Last attacks of a quarter go right to inhabitants of Khimki is better. Hanssen with a siren zakolachivaet a ball in a basket, 27 - 33.
After a break game has proceeded in the same high rate and with very rigid struggle. Without feeling sorry for itself, basketball players of both clubs, even lying on a parquet, tore out each other a ball, 34 - 37. For two minutes before the termination of a quarter soldiers of an abacus compare, 40 - 40. But in finishing seconds the Croatian sheaf of Planinich - Lonchar, 47 - 46 successfully worked.
In the first attack of last period of Lonchar has deduced Khimki forward, 47 - 48. Pressure accrues. And during this moment there has come time big . Three times successively Popandopulo finds a successful pass under a ring of Lonchara. The following time of Kreshimir has caused a stir, having taken away selection under another`s board and having written down in the active the next two points - 57 - 60 23 seconds prior to a siren.
the tactical ending where it is yellow Has begun naprjazhennejshaja - dark blue it was necessary to keep overweight. Punches penal Shishkauskas - twice precisely, 59 - 60. Kurtinajtis takes a time - a miss. Now on a line - Fridzon - one by, but selection for us. A foul on Hanssen. Trevis - the good fellow - 59 - 63, also remains 9 seconds. Gordon also neatly executes 2 penal - 61 - 63. But soldiers break rules on Kelati, 61 - 65. Gordon immediately throws treshku and CSKA at once folit on Hanssen - 1 second. Well, Trevis!
the Victory!
It seems that it is quite possible to consider the Kazan parquet happy for inhabitants of Khimki. After the Cup of Russia, the command has won in Basket - the Hall the second gold trophy - the Cup of Uniform league VTB!
rewarding Ceremony was preceded by definition of the best players of tournament. The best heavy forward the Ending of four there was Kreshimir Lonchar, and prize MVP and an off-road car of SsangYong Rexton from Uniform league VTB and the sponsor of the championship company SOLLERS were received by Vitaly Fridzon!
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Kazan. Uniform league VTB. The ending of four
the Ending
CSKA (Moscow) - Khimki (Moscow Region) - 64:66 (6:17, 21:16, 20:13, 17:20)
Points: Holden, 15 - Lonchar, 18
For 3 - e a place
Azovmash (Ukraine) - the UNIX (Russia) - 75:95 (9:27, 26:27, 17:14, 23:27)
Points: Thomas, 15 - Minard, 24