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CSKA started in Euroleague from a victory

Artemy Bartkov Yesterday the basketball Euroleague - event which, without exaggeration, waited not only basketball fans started. And unless can be differently when our national team became winner Evrobasketa in Spain when CSKA already throughout several years simply - naprosto mocks at the best clubs of the Old World when the majority of eurotournaments last years is won by domestic collectives? Certainly cannot! We have got used to be proud of the Russian basketball, already not only at club level, after all and female Russian national team, without lagging behind men, too became the owner of the Cup of Europe! And here these is that merits, and can also will of a case (it would be desirable to trust in the first) Euroleague of a season 2007/ 2008 it was necessary to open CSKA. To open in Poland, in the city of Gdansk, battling with local Sopot . Certainly a verb to battle in opposition Sopot and CSKA is more applicable to the Polish command. It it, first of all, is necessary to go all out to beat soldiers. To Muscovites Poles that on structure that on game that on a class not contenders. Already after game the head coach of CSKA of Ettore Messina, will tell that to its command it was heavy that Sopot always confidently starts in the main basketball tournament of Europe. But it is all, in my opinion, there were simply words of the intelligent person, not wishing to offend objectively more a weak team. But soldiers on a duel in Poland were really adjusted seriously, and about it tell words of Nikosa Zisisa which after a match has told that expected from Sopot bolshego. Whether you dissemble, a companion, Zisis? Well mozhgut to make Gurovich and eks - the soldier van den Spiegel against an army star ? Unless to hope for that at Shishkauskasa nerves will hand over, at Holdena its firm passes will not turn out, at Savrasenko and Papalukasa will not pass them koronnye dvoechki, and Smodish or the Anderson will pick up fouls. In general will suffice about predmatchevyh deals, with them all was clear after a toss-up of a group stage. And yesterday in Poland opened a basketball holiday which will end only in May. Solemn ceremony of opening of Euroleague passed on the Polish arena Olivio where after its termination will measure swords should Sopot and CSKA. It is necessary to tell that this ceremony was probably the shortest for all history. To the spectators who have gathered on tribunes, have shown the high points of Euroleague, have started under the ceiling a huge ball yes have read official speech. As a matter of fact, it was also the best opening, after all fans have come to look not at a semi-official organ, and on game which promised to be enough interesting. And unless can be on - to another in Euroleague? The first points of Euroleague of this season into the account were written down by the author of last points of Evrobasketa 2007 John Robert Holden. It seemed that CSKA will not leave from Poles of a stone on a stone already in the first quarter, but Sopot showed firmness and desire miracles to struggle. As a result after a starting piece of Euroleague of CSKA lost to the Polish club 13:16. However, as it has appeared, ten-minute spurt is everything that can Sopot against Muscovites. The second quarter has placed all in the places. Throws at Zisisa, Papalukasa and Lengdona have started to turn out. CSKA over and over again found all new ways of pass through the Polish defensive usages, but to finish a difference in the account to +10 it was possible only by the first half end. Has made this Shishkauskas, having thrown trehochkovyj, and then Holden has thrown from an average distance and CSKA has won the second quarter with the account 32:16. In second half already anybody did not have doubts in a total victory of soldiers. At first visitors have answered with efforts of the Anderson attacks of owners, having kept a difference in the account. And Shishkauskas, Smodish and Papalukas to a final piece of a meeting have finished a difference to +19 . In the fourth quarter, already calmed down Messina, has given the chance to prove young to Zabelin and Shvetsu. As a result: 69:88 in favour of CSKA. Ettore Messina, the head coach of CSKA: - We have received experience of game in matches - opening. use always successfully begins performance in Euroleague. And this time it was necessary to us hard. However we have managed not to lose self-control. Everyone in our command has responsibly approached to the duties. On what I can congratulate players only. On materials of an official site of CSKA Euroleague. The first group stage. Group And Use (Poland) - CSKA (Russia) - 69:88 (16:13, 16:32, 18:24, 19:19) Points:   Gurovich, 25 -   Smodish, 18