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Better you will not think up!

Alexander Gordeyev
the Starting duel situated near Moscow himok in Euroleague ULEB it has gone right on all of 100 percent. Here were both persistent struggle, and mad spectator support, and an overtime, and, certainly, the most important thing without what any debut cannot be considered high-grade, - a victory of owners of a parquet. However, about all one after another.
the first contender of the club situated near Moscow, for the first time participating   in the main club eurotournament, became Madrid Real . That club which in the summer of this year has headed left CSKA of Ettore Messina. That club which this year has amplified, more than ever, with only one treasured purpose - to win Euroleague. Well and at last, that club, football pobratim (or even more likely - simply brother) which began to be called again galaktikos it is literally having blown up the transfer market.
to Begin always it is not simple, and when you resisted by a command putting before self the greatest possible purposes in all tournaments, to do it simply difficult. Certainly, Khimki too are ready to the best season in the history, but nevertheless the purpose to win Euroleague before wards of Serdzhio Skariolo while is not present. Well it is possible to offer the opponent in that case in the form of the strong trump? Besides purely game? Certainly, spectator support. Running forward we will tell that she this evening was on the ball, as however and always on matches is yellow - dark blue. Increased by one and a half thousand places of a tribune in this dank autumn evening hardly have contained all wishing to look at the strongest basketball players of Europe. But what disappointment of those who all - taki on a match has not got should be! Here we again run forward, but it is inevitable, as this day the people and game were a single whole.
the starting quarter became a certain warm-up before fight. Players of both commands looked narrowly to each other, studying strong and weaknesses, gradually were included into Game. So the first trehochkovyj has happened only on the fifth minute, when to the leader himok Kelly McCart has gone right successful attack from - for arches. There was Afterwards a small jerk of owners of a platform, and the account became 13 - 8 in their advantage. Approximately in the same proportions has come to the end and 10 - minute - 17:14.
the Second game piece has stood out much more interesting. Points basketball players began to bring to the commands more and more, game obviously grew. And that is pleasant, Khimki at all were not supernumeraries, forcing Real over and over again to play all more densely and more circumspectly. In other words, the command situated near Moscow has shown teeth, having made what from it and expected. Plainly not played while the command began to prevail by game discipline and an enormous spirit on game.
the leader madridtsev Dariush Lavrinovich typing this evening points with amazing frequency and ease has between times grown also. Points of the Lithuanian have allowed to Real in the middle of the second quarter not to allow, himkam to break away, and it despite an obvious shortage owners of points from the penal. As a result on the big break of a command have left with the account 39:32 in advantage it is yellow - dark blue, and fans (is more exact - 99 their percent than them) with hope of good continuation and the match termination. It is remarkable, as the bookmakers initially offering small odds (- 1,5) on Spaniards, in 20 minutes of game time of a steel to trust in owners, giving a handicap already to them (- 3).
the Third quarter - one of sign in basketball. In it in many duels there are the game crises, pulling down hopes of one and reviving expectations of others. Reflecting in a break on forthcoming fights, very much it would not be desirable, that Khimki All up until that time playing almost ideally at the account privhodjashchih circumstances that is called have floated also became hostages of own speed. Unfortunately, game renewal has realised some doubts in life.
Ettore Messina with shine has spent taken away by regulations a time - a miss having spent necessary work with the wards. The siren has hardly sounded, players of a Spanish team have rushed forward to what as it seemed, inhabitants of Khimki were not ready a little. However, productive attacks Real passed under never-ending shouts of Skariolo that obviously testified that it - that has not lost a head. And so venerable expert could not lose it. He well understood that occurs and tried to introduce corrective amendments in actions of the command that in general - that was possible to it.
Through two with small minutes after the beginning of the third quarter of an abacus became already 41:40, and through two - 43:42. These figures visually show, were how much hard given himkam points, and how much strategically important there was an advantage extracted in first half of a meeting. There were moments when started to seem that inhabitants of Khimki float but it were only time turbidity and continuations they in the majority did not receive. Well and have finished 10 - minute owners and at all with great dispatch, should having allowed Spaniards to leave forward, but also having created an important psychological reserve in one point - 53:52.
the Fourth quarter has presented to spectators a new coil of an intrigue. Absolutely unexpectedly, especially after a successful ending of last game piece, defence of inhabitants of Khimki began to be mistaken, over and over again passing solo breaks of players Real to the ring. At least, points 10 owners of a parquet after such passes have received. Most the same Lavrinovich who finally has led simply magnificent match which, to its huge regret, has come to the end with defeat of visitors was zealous all.
but it was after. And for 3. 30 to a final siren Khimki with errors in defence or without them, but have come forward - 67:65. Afterwards the recruit Real and last year`s inhabitant of Khimki Garbahosa smears two penal and in reciprocal attack of Kabesas puts trehochkovyj, increasing advantage of the command to +5 .
During this moment the sensation of a close victory unless could not be touched, but in all the rest it was felt abundantly clear. But real is Real and Messina - Messina. Such commands of such trainers simply so do not surrender. For 1. 20 to a siren madridtsy creep absolutely close, hammering treshku Though and before this Javtokas gets two penal which this evening at it did not go.
72:72 and 18,5 on a board. Attack of visitors. All attention is chained to possible breaks of Spaniards under a ring that so often happened the last nine minutes. All understand that the passed productive throw is the end. Protection operates on a limit of the possibilities, but all - taki commits an error. On the player Real two inhabitants of Khimki who have arisen literally from anywhere rush at once. The amazing block - shot Follows Jankunasa, and already in attack a command of Skariolo!
In a stock at owners was eight with small seconds. It is quite enough of it to earn on itself a foul, or simply to throw on a ring. To disappointment of all admirers it is yellow - dark blue, the beginner of a command of Lengford did not begin to use the first council, and at once has passed to the second. Here it only did it of the extremely inconvenient position and is perfect without preparation. Having hit about the handle of a ring, the ball has jumped aside in a platform, having brought together with itself an overtime which could be avoided.
additional five-minute was stretched on all 10, and even it is more. Commands owned the initiative by turns throughout this short time interval. There were also sign moments (as McCart`s that missing in a ring after interception in the centre of a platform and a throw without hindrances), but they practically were there and then levelled in the following attack. For 1. 30 to already absolutely exact the duel end Khimki have managed to create a good separation - 80:76. But such variant already was this evening, and this time it has repeated, for has passed very few time and the account on a board became 81:80.
the Outcome of it dramatichnejshego a duel have solved - taki penal throws. If Garbahosa and Lavrinovich frankly smeared the, that was promoted by atmosphere in a hall from which during a time was to close ears McCart and Kabesas have put three of four possible. For 2,6 to a siren Khimki have taken away selection after a miss of Horhe from a line penal, announced triumphal start of the beginner situated near Moscow in Euroleague - 84:81.
It there was really a Victory, with the heroes and lost. Commands were worthy each other, as have proved at all 40, and 45 minutes of pure time. It is remarkable that if at visitors Lavrinovich, at " on Thursday evening was the soloist; himok to allocate there is especially nobody. And not because all have played is grey, no, very much the other way. The contribution of each basketball player in it is yellow - to the dark blue form has allowed their command to celebrate so important and significant success on start of long tournament. Probably that just such unification also has not sufficed to Real at turning points to break resistance of the contender together with its impetuous fans.
gallantly, Khimki ! With an initiative!
the Press - conference of trainers
Ettore Messina, the head coach Real :
- I Congratulate Khimki with good game and a victory. We have admitted a large quantity of errors. We have not hammered into turning points penal, we have received three block - shota. Our command could not make anything with Kabesasom and Lengfordom. They could not be stopped. Our command feels the responsibility. We will work on trainings henceforth not to suppose so much errors.
Serdzhio Skariolo, head coach BK Khimki :
- I congratulate our club and fans on the first game in Euroleague and, of course, with a victory. With a good victory over the opponent of high level. We have spent first half better, than the second. I am dissatisfied with the third quarter. But that fact that we have not stumbled and have continued cannot struggle me not to please. Only at the expense of experience Real could translate game in an overtime. In additional five-minute we have made all as it is necessary and have deservedly won.
Euroleague ULEB 09/ 10. Group tournament. Group D. 1 - j round
Khimki (Russia) - Real (Spain) - 84:81 FROM (17 - 14, 22 - 18, 14 - 20, 19 - 20, 12 - 9)
Points: Kabesas, 20, Lengford, 12, McCart, 11, Javtokas, 11, Jankunas, 10, Brains, 10, Lopez, 7, Dmitriev, 3 - Lavrinovich, 32