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Khimki have beaten Zhalgiris

For situated near Moscow himok the final match of a group round of Euroleague has appeared the last in leaving year and the first for the new instructor is yellow - dark blue - head coach Oleg Meleshchenko fulfilling duty. And though for Russians this meeting of basic value had no, contenders have shown substantial game - fans have not regretted that have come this evening to the Basketball centre. The epic victory with the minimum advantage has allowed our command to take a revenge for two autumn defeats in Kaunas.
in the demand for a match there were no at once three basketball players himok - Trevis Hanssen, Feodor Dmitrys and Vitaly Fridzon. Our captain has had time to spend 310 games successively for collective situated near Moscow - a fantastic indicator! But in view of small damage ikronozhnoj muscles doctors have decided not to risk Vitaly`s health and to allow to it to have a rest. Representatives have been included in the demand molodezhki - Valentine Novikov and Alexey Karpeko which on a platform and have not appeared.
on a parquet inhabitants of Khimki left following structure: Lengford, Savrasenko, Monja, Kelati and Planinich. A meeting there have more actively begun owners - efforts of Lengforda is yellow - dark blue have moved +5 also have forced the contender sfolit five times. At visitors throws refused to achieve the object - on the first minutes Lithuanians looked a bit not collected and held down in actions. SHalenga has had time to type for 4 incomplete minutes 3 fouls, however, trehochkovyj rupture in the account has allowed Lithuanians to reduce it, and then and to come forward - 8 - 10. Two exact trehi performed by Raul Lopez last seconds one of attacks and dvoechka Eze have revived a few the relaxed owners, but for a short while - Pauljus Jankunas and associates have quickly enough restored balance, and even have moved - 19 - 21. Three points of Kreshimira Lonchara have finished the first quarter - 22 - 23.
Four points of Jankunasa and treha Kollinsa have opened the second period of a meeting - inhabitants of Khimki for any time have lost concentration, but timely dvoechki Kelati and Planinicha have returned is yellow - dark blue in game - on a time - a miss contenders have gone at account 27 - 32. In the middle of a quarter of Lonchar and Lengford have done a ball with the greatest ease - the Croat has hung on the American and that has gracefully hammered from above. But visitors have answered with an aggressive attack: rupture in the account has reached maximum +9 and Oleg Meleshchenko had to take a time - a miss after which Sergey Monja and Kit Lengford have shown the master - a class and have shown, how it is necessary to hammer danki - 37 - 44. Trehochkovyj Moni has reduced rupture in the account to - 4 and already Grigas has asked minute on entering of corrective amendments. Lengford, written down 12 - oe a point to itself in an active, has gone together with clubmates on the big break - 42 - 48.
Two selections on another`s board, two points and Alexey Savrasenko`s two fouls have opened second half of meeting. And again inhabitants of Khimki began to sin with losses and not so harmoniously to operate in protection. Mission to disperse attacks of the command has been assigned to Raul Lopez who left in pair to Planinichu. Serially Eze and Lonchar were noted the block - shotami, but players Zhalgiris it at all has not confused - thanks to exact trehochkovym to hits they have left again forward - 49 - 57. Six realised penal performed by Lopez and Lengforda have given to fans is yellow - dark blue optimism, they continued to scan and support the favourites. Lopez`s exact three points in a period ending have allowed owners to even up scores - 61 - 61 - and to return an intrigue in a match.
It seemed, final ten-minute becomes an outcome of all meeting. However fans were waited by the present basketball dessert in the form of an overtime. Lengford again has confirmed the reputation of the player on which more often folit the contender - in this match to it has fairly got. The board has for a long time stiffened at figures 64 - 65 - the duel outcome could solve only one throw. And happens - the madwoman treha Lengforda one second prior to a siren has evened up scores also contenders have gone on an overtime - 81 - 81. The first for inhabitants of Khimki in this draw of Euroleague.
from - for five typed fouls to help it is yellow - dark blue could not Lopez and Monja, but Lengford has outright dispersed - its exact three points have brought to owners time advantage, however, stay have answered the same - 84 - 84. The victorious gait of the clubmate was supported by Thomas Kelati - it trehochkovyj was returned to inhabitants of Khimki by spirit. One minute prior to a whistle it is yellow - dark blue conducted already +4 and Lengforda could name by right the king of air - its next two points have definitively fixed advantage of wards of Oleg Meleshchenko which debut has turned out more than bright - 93 - 89. The American became the most productive player of a meeting - in its active of 35 points. On the major note and with highly lifted head inhabitants of Khimki say goodbye to Euroleague, but we after all there still will return, whether not so...?
Upon termination of poslematchevoj a press - conferences Oleg Meleshchenko has met active workers Khimki the fan - movements. The trainer has promised that as soon as the command will have a free time, children necessarily will meet fans. Also has underlined what to occur it should in the nearest month - two. And also has noted: all players in structure will receive the chance to prove.
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Euroleague. Men. 1 - j group tournament. 10 - j round
Group And
Khimki (Russia) - Zhalgiris (Lithuania) - 93:89 FROM (22:23, 20:25, 19:15, 20:18, 12:8)
Points:   Lengford, 35 -   Kalnietis, 24
1. Makkabi 10 9  
2. Kaha Laboral 10 5
3. Zhalgiris 10 5  
4. The guerrilla 10 5  
5. BK Khimki 10 4
6. Use 10 2