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CSKA has moved in a series

the Starting match chetvertfinalnoj series against the Guerrilla has come to the end difficult, but an important victory of CSKA.
absolutely lost-free on the eve of the most important matches of a season it was not possible to manage. After training on Tuesday it became known that the first meeting with the Guerrilla from - for problems with an ankle will pass Kejru.
the Sacred real truth Ettore Messina has told, assuring that game in protection will be the main thing in this series. The first quarter became, probably, reference in sense of defensive actions of CSKA. 7 misses after 7 throws from an average distance, 3 more - with distant and unique treshka Tripkovicha - such is unfavourable balance it is black - white following the results of ten minutes. In general, the antirecord plej - off Euroleague has taken place...
wondering Dushko Vujoshevich lifted from a bench of one reservist behind another, but it did not change an essence. Unless slow attacks of soldiers did not allow the account to grow quickly to the devastating. Owners easy won rebounds, successfully deduced on convenient positions of Lorbeka (12 points to a break) behind which did not hurry up to leave on perimetre slow Vranesh. The anxiety was caused only by throws from perimetre: for a half-match hit noted only Smodish. And after all presence as a part of visitors tall and mobile big compelled to leave for perimetre...
adjusted fire Velichkovich and zafolivshiesja soldiers (Morris has had time to receive three remarks in incomplete three minutes!) Have provided to the Guerrilla possibility to impose equal struggle. 10 points of a handicap extracted in a surprising first quarter have remained and by a half outcome though in the middle of the second period of CSKA reached a mark +14 .
owners not for long Were reconstructed. Has not passed also half-minute as Muscovites have left forward on +16 : again under a board has fine fulfilled Lorbek, Shishkauskas realised penal after indignations of Vujoshevicha, has taken away a rebound in an attack of Hrjapa. On 28 - j to minute limping has left on a bench of Smodish, and guerrillas have constructed a zone . Attacks from a distance all as was impossible to CSKA, but the situation was rescued by Morris which over and over again were brushing away a ball towards perimetre and allowing to begin all anew.
the fourth period as after Smodishem, walking up and down a foot behind a bench, Shishkauskas which have received the fourth foul has gone also has hardly begun. Considering that by that moment in a reserve Holden at whom game obviously was not took had a rest also, CSKA structure on a platform was far from optimum - habitual. Here again, when for three and a half a minute owners have typed only two points, the first time - a miss for an evening has asked Ettore Messina - 45 - 36.
To the quarter middle it became disturbing: only 7 points of advantage, and the Guerrilla groped and game on selection, and tightened nuts in protection... But soon it was necessary to ask a pause and Vujoshevichu. Two balls of successively Hrjapy between whom interception of Holdena was located, threatened to break outlined harmony in mood of visitors. To change something was already late. Shishkauskas which have come back on a parquet has got to the most necessary moment trehu (all the second for CSKA for an evening!) And soldiers in every way began to freeze game, trying to keep such small, but at the same time such advantage essential to this day.
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Euroleague. Men. Plej - off. 1/ 4 endings. The first match

CSKA (Russia) - the Guerrilla (Serbia) - 56:47
(13:3, 17:17, 13:11, 13:16)
Points:   Lorbek, 16 -   Tripkovich, 12
the Account in a series: 1 - 0