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D.Blatt: With the future club I will be defined within the next few days

the Head coach of Russian national team on basketball David Blatt and its general manager Sergey Tarakanov of a distance of interview to the newspaper Sports - the Express train .
- In August of a national team it is necessary to act on the Peking Olympic Games. How many candidates will be invited to the first gathering and whether we among them will see new names?

Blatt: - I Believe, the person 18. Possibilities of all Russian basketball players to us well-known. By the way, the big merit in it belongs to Sergey Nikolaevichu Tarakanovu.

Cockroaches: - the heaviest in a trainer`s trade - not to conduct training or to operate game, and to inform wards that they do not get to structure. I represent, what was to children who last year have taken place all cycle of preparation with a command, but as a result have not got on the European championship which has become for Russia by the gold. To me it was very sick with them to leave. Therefore now we have made the decision: on the Preolympic gathering those who enters into the basic " will work only; a holder also has real chances to go to Beijing.

thus we watch closely progress of all Russian basketball players. For example, the excellent season was spent by Zozulin, its partner on " has strongly added; Ural Mountains - Grejtu Grand-dad`s about which, appear, all have already forgotten...

- as Alexey Savrasenko`s health ?

Cockroaches: - In the near future he will start to train. I think, to the Olympic games of Savrasenko will approach in the good form.

- David, what for you forthcoming Games mean?

Blatt: - I still never happened on the Olympic Games and with impatience I wait for the beginning of the Peking. To participate in such grandiose event for me huge honour and enormous pleasure. I think, all players of a national team have the same feeling.

- whether there are any difficulties connected with preparation for the Olympic Games?

Cockroaches: - Yes, and rather serious. They do not concern directly basketball, but can affect seriously national team performance in Beijing. Till now the problem of accreditations is not solved. To us them have allocated only 19 whereas the delegation consists from 21 persons. Reaches the ridiculous: to us offer, that man`s and female Russian national teams had a general masseur or the doctor. Absurdity! And after all harmonious work of all staff was one of important composed our victory in the European championship in Spain just. I communicated with representatives OKR but while the question with accreditations is not solved much. Also it is not visible, that in the given direction any efforts were undertaken. Thus for result from us, certainly, will ask...

By the way, the similar picture is observed and with tickets. It is said that they do not exist in the nature! Though at our Lithuanian colleagues tickets why - that is... What will order to answer basketball players who want that on the Olympic Games there was their family?! The psychological condition of players too depends on it after all, you see.

- David, goes recently set of hearings about you will head what club in a forthcoming season. Among potential places of your work name also Russian teams...

Blatt: - Now I would not like to discuss this theme in detail. My agent carries on negotiations with a number of known clubs, however to name them I yet I have no moral right. After all commands still continue to act in the national championships. I can tell one: with the club future I almost will for certain be defined within the next 10 days.