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As in last fight

Today on a platform of a basketball Palace in Krylatsky the Dynamo in the third match of a duel for bronze medals of the Championship of Russia accepted Perm Ural Mountains - Grejt .
In the starting five at « the Dynamo » left: Fotsis, Javtokas, Samojlenko, Domani and Domerkant.
the Account in a match, bright of - for a board has opened, Domerkant - 2:0. Having received in the following our attack blow on the person, Henry, realised one more throw - this time from - for arches, having made the account - 5:0. Domani and again Domerkant after a time - a miss of visitors have added in an active of our command on 2 points - 9:0. Right has requited 2 points only after three and a half the minutes played in a match - 9:2. Following points « grejtovtsy » have written down into the account after 6 minutes of game time when on a board figures - 13:2 burnt. To the quarter termination it is white - blue advantage in the account has made 16 points - 25:9. And final « trehu » Domerkant has thrown with a siren where - that from eight metres!
we will notice that in Henry Domerkant`s first quarter has written down into the account 15 of points, and a command « Ural Mountains - Grejt » as a whole, has typed only 9.
At the account - 31:14 permjaki « have requited » 4 points - 31:18, but trehochkovyj Bykova and « average » a throw of Fotsisa have reduced on « is not present » efforts « Ural Mountains - Grejta » to come nearer to Muscovites in the account. 36:18 - and again the trainer of visitors Roman Dvinjaninov has been compelled to ask a minute break. As visitors to dinamovtsam tried to come nearer, a separation is white - blue to the big break in game has made 15 points - 46:31.
the Third quarter there have begun visitors with productive jerk - 0:5. 46:36. It has compelled to take a time - Sergey Bazarevicha`s miss. Dinamovtsy, efforts of Javtokasa, the first points in a ten-minute have typed only on the fifth minute of a game piece - 48:36. The following piece of game has been spent by commands with identical productivity - 58:46. Having realised both penal, all same Javtokas has made the total account after 3 quarters - 60:46, - ahead « the Dynamo »!
the Fourth ten-minute excellent actions has opened Bulls: at first Sergey has thrown dvuhochkovyj a throw itself then has intercepted a ball, has escaped in a separation and has given a convenient pass Monet whom, without delaying, has sent it in a basket of the contender - 64:46. In the following attack of Monja again has managed to cause a stir - 66:46, than has forced to take a minute break of the trainer « Ural Mountains - Grejta ». In a quarter ending, at the same time, and a match, advantage « the Dynamo » again became more than 20 points - 78:57, and on a platform Sergey Bazarevich has let out completely « Russian » structure: Monju, Hanssen, Vasileva, Hvostova and the Queen. The total account - 78:60 - a victory « the Dynamo »!
So, the account in opposition for bronze of the Championship of Russia became - 2:1 - ahead « the Dynamo ». Tomorrow in 17. 15 on a platform of a basketball Palace in Krylatsky the fourth match will take place.
the championship of Russia. A match for 3 - e a place
the Dynamo (Moscow) - Ural Mountains - Grejt (Perm) - 78:60 (25:9, 21:22, 14:15, 18:14)
Points: Domerkant, 17 - Zozulin, Biggs, 10
the Account in a series: 2:1
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