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V.Bychkov: Youthful league - the unique project

From May, 26 till May, 28th in the Basketball centre Khimki Moscow Region will pass the Superending of the European youthful basketball league among children 1994 year of birth. Among the main applicants for a victory - players BK Khimki .
eight participants of a solving round will take part In tournament. These are the Lithuanian commands BSH Kedajnjaj and BSH Klaipeda Estonian BK hito the Copper of Jarve, and also BK Ferloze Denmark, BK topo Finland, BK Dnepr Ukraine and Russian BK the Locomotive - Kuban and BK Khimki .
Carrying out of games EJUBL in Himkah already became kind tradition. Not surprisingly, after all one of overall objectives BK Khimki - to grow up the basketball stars. And in the given aspect of competition of pupils of different schools of the European basketball - the best assistant. For children to measure swords with basketball players of Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, to get acquainted with their style of game, to learn it to resist - invaluable experience which, certainly, will help to progress faster.
Certainly, a system the working process thus, the club situated near Moscow had with League the kindest relations. And general director BK Khimki Victor Bychkov is also vice-president EJUBL. With it before start of tournament the correspondent - Sports also has had a talk.
- what system of preparation of youth in Himkah? What is regarded in your club as of paramount importance?
- We try to support on a constant basis a youthful pyramid in our club and we hope that after a while we will receive that result on which counted, being involved in all it. I hope that this youth can recruit ranks of our main command.
- In what importance and utility EJUBL consist?
is a unique project in which clubs from ten countries take part. It has passed check by time - next year to League 10 years will be executed. That is very important in our hard time, this project does not bear administratively - financial loading. There are enthusiasts, first of all the present president of EJUBL Guntis Shenhofs who were grasped by idea of creation of such league, and it has been carried out. The league gives the chance to young basketball players to communicate with contemporaries from other countries and commands, to see various game styles, to get acquainted with interesting people. I very much want, that our League and prospered further and developed.
- that you wait from this tournament in general and your command, in particular?
- I consider that at us the nice structure, many pupils - candidates for a national team of Russia 94 - go year, is base collective for a national team. It is a stage of preparation from Euro - 2010 which will pass in the summer in Montenegro, and simply possibility to play before the fans.
the tournament schedule
on May, 26th
1. 9. 00 - BSH Kedajnjaj - BK the locomotive
2. 10. 30 - BK Hito - BK Ferloze
3. 15. 00 - BSH Klaipeda - BK Dnepr
4. 16. 30 - BK Topo - BK Khimki
5. 18. 00 - Lost 1 - Lost 2
6. 19. 30 - Lost 3 - Lost 4
on May, 27th
7. 10. 00 - the Winner 1 - the Winner 2
8. 12. 00 - the Winner 3 - the Winner 4
9. 14. 00 - the Winner 6 - Lost 7
10. 16. 00 - the Winner 5 - Lost 8
11. 18. 00 - Lost 5 - Lost 6
on May, 28th
12. 10. 00 - Lost 9 - Progiravshy 10 Game for 5 - e a place
13. 12. 00 - the Winner 9 - the Winner 10 Game for 3 - e a place
14. 14. 00 - the Winner 7 - the Winner 8 Ending