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Papalukas Defender Teodoros Papalukas has left CSKA

has passed in « an Olympiakos ». We will remind, the player had an operating contract with PBK CSKA, however clubs managed to co-ordinate a transfer. Andrey Vatutin, general director PBK CSKA:
- Teodoros - an embodiment of the whole epoch in the history of our club. For six years it has passed a way in CSKA from the player known only to experts, to a star of world level. It was the great way of the great sportsman. And we are happy that had possibility to observe of its each step. All these years heart of Teodorosa fought in a step with CSKA heart. We were together in unsuccessful Moscow « the Ending of four » together lifted the Cup in Prague and Madrid.
Teo had as early as two years of the contract from CSKA, but it and « an Olympiakos » have addressed to us with the corresponding request. We do not doubt that the fidelity of CSKA of Teo has deserved our consent to this transfer, and it will continue the career in the homeland where it adore. All of us club express it the most sincere gratitude, gratitude and we wish good luck. I do not doubt that our feelings are divided by all fans of CSKA.
Teodoros Papalukas, the defender « an Olympiakos »
- It would be desirable to thank Sergey Kushchenko and Dushana Ivkovicha for that possibility to play for club as CSKA which they have given me 6 years ago. Without it I would not have a chance to worry many remarkable moments to my career. I would like to thank also Andrey Vatutina and Ettore Messina for their help and belief in me in last years. I feel that have given to club everything that should and time has now come to come back home.
that further did not occur in my life, CSKA will take a special place in my heart. My gratitude concerns also people in administration and CSKA office, and also to all who helped to do my life in Moscow so remarkable as it was. Most of all I am grateful to my trainers and partners on command for all these years. Without them I could not win all that has won. And the last, but probably most important. Thanks all fans which supported me all these years. Our relations remain special and I will be always grateful for their love and a warm attitude to me.
I would like to wish CSKA of all of the best in the future. It is assured that it happens: CSKA - the great, organised club also remains to that both in Russia, and behind its limits.
in my career there comes the new period. I hope, it will be so successful, as well as previous.
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