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Khimki officially became participants of Euroleague 09/ 10

Situated near Moscow Khimki have received - taki the permit in the basic grid of Euroleague 09/ 10! About it it became known overnight when ULEB has extended a press - release in which named all possible participants of the future tournament.
as it is known, from next year in Euroleague the new method of delivery to clubs of licences will be applied. So besides 13 licences with a letter And last years given out to the most successful European clubs (CSKA has naturally got to their number), 8 the cores licences B, 6 qualifying from the same category, two wild - card plus S.Vot`s licence last as the finalist of the Cup of Europe, have received Khimki . And here to a command situated near Moscow has obviously helped itself ULEB, listened to arguments of army representatives which have persuaded - taki the big chiefs to give this single licence to finalist KE, having fenced the last from participation in qualification.
already 21 owner of permits in Euroleague of the next year as a result is at the moment known. One more will be defined by finalists of the championship of Germany (there after three matches Bonn a Telecom wins at Oldenburg with account 2 - 1), well and two permits will receive participants of the qualifying tournament which terms of carrying out are not defined yet.
we will add that on July, 7th - last day for entering of updatings into the list of participants of tournament, after all already next day there will pass a toss-up of the basic stage (truth, without two kvalifaev). It is not necessary to forget also and that before start of Euroleague 09/ 10 Khimki should be defined with a venue of the house matches: It or becomes reconstructed Arena Khimki where it is necessary to add to existing 3500 places 1500 more, or the same arena, but calculated on smaller quantity of spectators, kindly on what management ULEB will give.