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The investor instead of deposits

Altajenergobank until recently spending to third of incomes on service of deposits of citizens, has found a solution of a problem of the expensive financing - owners of bank have decided to sell to its strategic investor.
that Altajenergobank searches for the buyer and in the near future Interkommerts - to bank, " can be sold; have told three sources in the bank market. the parties are in a final stage of negotiations - one of interlocutors " has informed; familiar with their course. basic arrangements of the parties already are, transaction details are now discussed: the price and transaction structure - specifies other source . According to one more interlocutor it is a question of sale of 100 % of actions of Altajenergobanka or a controlling stock. Chairman of the board Altajenergobanka Andrey Spivakov has declared : We never hid that Altajenergobank - the project which will be sold sooner or later to the strategic investor . In Interkommerts - bank have refused comments, chairman of the board Interkommerts - bank Alexander Bugaevsky has told that its bank for development roznitsy carries on negotiations with a wide range of players concerning possible absorption, having refused to specify their names.

attraction of the investor - the good decision for Altajenergobanka at whom level of sufficiency of the capital is near-critical, is specified by the director of department of an estimation Crowe Horwath RBS Maxim Tishchenko. For December, 1st of last year the specification of sufficiency of the capital of bank made 11,74 % at is minimum admissible value for banks of such size of 11 %. On an overcoming the crisis shortage of liquidity - the main problem of the overwhelming majority of medium-sized banks - mister Tishchenko specifies. At the height of crisis of Altajenergobank held one of the highest rates in the market (to 20 % annual), following the results of the third quarter 2011 the average rate under deposits of physical persons made 12,5 %, the general director of National rating agency Victor Chetverikov marks. As a result for January - September, 2011 expenses of Altajenergobanka under deposits of clients - physical persons have made 770 million rbl., on their covering third of incomes (2,4 mlrd rbl.) leaves almost Mister Tishchenko has counted up.

At the same time Altajenergobank actively developing retail, can be rather attractive active for Interkommerts - bank which has been more focused until recently on a corporate segment, but now more and more attention gives to retail and development of the filial network, the operating partner " believes; 2 Audit - business consultations/ Morison Interneshnl Ivan Andrievsky.

If to judge on the basis of the open information, Altajenergobank can cost 1,3 - 1,5 capitals (1,25 - 1,45 mlrd rbl. - ) - the director of department of bank consultation of consulting group " believes; NEO the Center Evgenie Trusov. Andrey Spivakov estimates control in bank from 2 capitals .