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Vyletnye highways become not eligible to travel abroad

Authorities of the capital finish preparation for scale reconstruction of the basic vyletnyh city highways. Yesterday in the mayoralty have started selection of contractors which will be engaged in reconstruction of the Yaroslavl highway and a highway connecting the south and the West of a city - from the Balaklavsky prospectus to Rublevsky highway. The day before similar competitive procedures have passed on highway of Enthusiasts, Mozhaisk highway, the Leningrad, Ryazan and Volgograd prospectuses. Repair work on these lines will begin this year and two years will last at least. Even in the mayoralty recognise that reconstruction will lead to considerable deterioration of road conditions in a city.
as have informed in department of a competitive policy of Moscow, envelopes with offers of participants of open competitions on reconstruction of two transport highways - rublevskogo directions (from the Balaklavsky prospectus to Rublevsky highway) and the Yaroslavl highway yesterday have been opened. Now the commission will analyse demands and will choose the optimal variant. The maximum (initial) price of the contract on rublevskomu to a direction makes 8,09 mlrd rbl., on the Yaroslavl highway - 9,58 mlrd Work rbl. should be executed within 24 months.

reconstruction vyletnyh highways - one of the basic components of the program on development of transport of Moscow in 2012 - 2016. From allocated for the program 2,2 trln the rbl. almost 600 mlrd is planned to spend for road building and repair. In 2012 program financing will make 309 mlrd rbl., from them 106 mlrd will be started up on reconstruction ulichno - a high system.

the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin still has in the end of the last year set the task to improve movement on nine most problem vyletnyh city highways. In 2011 competitions on working out of projects of their reconstruction have been made, now pass tenders for a choice of contractors. Contract organisations for repair of the Warsaw and Kashirsky highway are chosen in the end of 2011, and civil work have already begun. Competitive procedures within the limits of reconstruction of highway of Enthusiasts (the initial price of contract 5,3 mlrd rbl.), a site of the Leningrad prospectus from MKAD to the underground " are started; the Falcon (2,4 mlrd rbl.), Mozhaisk highway (10,9 mlrd rbl.), Ryazan (9,5 mlrd rbl.) and Volgograd prospectuses (4,7 mlrd rbl.) . As have explained in the mayoralty of Moscow, work here will begin during two - three weeks after the announcement of the winner of competition and the conclusion with it of the contract.

as a whole reconstruction of nine highways it is planned to finish till 2014. The most scale projects - reconstruction rublevskogo a direction and Mozhaisk highway. On the Balaklavsky prospectus there will be three new outcomes (see a card), some large parkings and a number of pedestrian crossings. Rublevka will undergo to only superficial reconstruction: in particular, the movement organisation in one of the most problem places - on departure from Autumn parkway will be changed. As to Mozhaisk highway the part of this line on a site from MKAD to Rublevsky highway actually becomes a platform in length some kilometres under which will take place new lateral prodrivings - doublers.

Unfortunately, the Moscow authorities continue sad Soviet tradition of building of hybrids from city streets and high-speed friveev without public transport and pedestrians, - the supervisor of studies of scientific research institute of transport and a road economy Michael Blinkin considers. - Long-term world experience shows that such decision is inefficient: such roads are inconvenient for using neither to pedestrians, nor drivers . Mister Blinkin has added that frivei should not go to city centre. how dispersed the traffic across Leninsky prospect, all the same all will rest against Yakimanka, - he has noted. - if we will not put in long-term prospect building friveev, going by the centre will live in a city inconveniently . As to concrete projects Michael Blinkin has scarified reconstruction of the Volgograd prospectus: on single-level crossing with Lublin street of any works on movement improvement it is not planned. It is considered that from - for this crossroads in stoppers there is all jugo - the east of Moscow.

on a site strojkompleksa Moscow the scheme of the organisation of traffic around the Warsaw and Kashirsky highway is published. To go round repair it is offered on lateral streets, and so extremely loaded. Similar schemes will be published in the near future and on other highways. Authorities of the capital understand that scale reconstruction in 2012 in Moscow can seriously complicate movement in a city. year will be difficult - interlocutors " speak; in city administration. on the average at carrying out of a roadwork speed of motor transport on repaired sites falls on 20 - 30 %, - has confirmed the leading expert of department of development of a group of companies the Echelon of Geolajf (studies traffic in Moscow) Michael Kashtanov. - The situation becomes complicated also that speed falls and in streets adjoining to a highway on which the detour is organised. During repair there there can be deaf stoppers with falling of speed to 10 km/ ch and more low .