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Day deklaratora

Heads of state corporations and state companies should present declarations on the incomes the past year prior to April, 1st. So Dmitry Medvedev has disposed yesterday, having charged to head of the government Vladimir Putin to provide representation . In the government yesterday there was a counter idea the Internet - receptions with which help it is possible to supervise financial discipline not only a top - managers, but also the whole enterprises - for example, in a defensive complex.
present April becomes the third under the account since the Russian bureaucracy had a rigid duty of times in a year to declare own incomes and property, and also incomes and property of the spouses and minor children. Practice of declarations was entered by Dmitry Medvedev, having initiated in 2008 a package of legislative measures on corruption counteraction. And then it was supposed that the requirement about declarations will enter full validity following the results of 2011. But deputies of the State Duma have published own conditions in the spring of 2010, as they under the status and so submitted annual declarations before occurrence of an anticorruption package of the president. And last spring Dmitry Medvedev has disposed about workers of own administration, and also members of the government and federal ministers, having suggested them to undergo anticorruption procedure with declarations, without waiting the terminations of 2011. To an example of federal officials governors have followed also.

yesterday the president has charged to Vladimir Putin to provide representation by heads of the state corporations and the state companies, and also joint-stock companies where the state has a blocking share holding, data on the incomes, on property and obligations of property character for 2011 and the next years . Mister Medvedev and that a top - managers of corporations, the companies and joint-stock companies are obliged to present also " reminds; Data on incomes, on property and obligations of property character of the spouses and minor children . And the president demands, that declarations have been presented till April, 1st, though under the law About the state civil service of the Russian Federation state employees should have time to make it till April, 30th.

in presidential a press - service have refused to explain, in this connection Dmitry Medvedev has decided to accelerate procedure. The assistant to the president Arcady Dvorkovich has informed, as workers of the Kremlin administration, according to the presidential decree, too should show the declarations till April, 1st. As he said, it is normal, if the president establishes other terms for separate categories of state employees, including for heads of state corporations .

Except declarations Dmitry Medvedev has charged a premiere to accept also measures, The participations of affiliated persons directed on a non-admission in the contracts concluded by the state corporations and the state companies, and also joint-stock companies where the state has blocking share holding . To one of such measures can become the Internet - a reception to open which has promised yesterday vitse - prime minister Dmitry Rogozin supervising in the government of the enterprise oboronno - an industrial complex (OPK). This a portal - a reception it will be accessible to all citizens, that the facts connected with infringement of financial discipline, especially with offences, were accessible to a society has explained vitse - the prime minister. Russians, and " begin to inform the facts; experts will analyze the information arriving from citizens . Mister Rogozin hopes that the Internet - a reception will help not only with corruption counteraction, but also Will support to the state in reforming OPK if to portal work will be connected the experts having time, possibility and corresponding qualification .