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Velliton has beaten soldiers in court

Simonovsky district court of Moscow has satisfied the claim attacking Spartaka Vellitona about indemnification of the moral harm, submitted the football player to the general director of CSKA to the Novel to Babayev. We will remind that mister Babayev after the last year which has taken place on August, 28th a match between spartakovtsami and soldiers in which the goalkeeper of CSKA Igor Akinfeev has received a serious trauma after collision with Vellitonom, has declared that to itself in an active Velliton can bring this game: it the geek over . Igor was the first on a ball, has beaten out his head, and Velliton is deliberate in it ran. Any sense to go to struggle at it was not. I hope, Vellitonu will be rendered for it. Some fans approach, promise to arrange Vellitonu punishment. We, of course, not supporters of such actions, but nevertheless let on streets it goes more carefully - has declared the Novel Babayev.

These statements as it has been specified in the statement of claim of Vellitona, had the offensive character humiliating its honour and advantage. Thus, the court has confirmed with the decision correctness of the player Spartaka it is marked in the message it is red - white. In club, truth, have not specified, whether the respondent will incur any financial punishment.

we will remind also that for the actions of Velliton has been disqualified kontrolno - disciplinary committee of the Russian football union on six matches. However later, after it was possible to prove that the Brazilian did not pursue the aim intentionally to injure Akinfeeva, disqualification term has been reduced twice. Alexander Petrov