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To oil industry workers have lifted a payment for transit

the Context
Growth of tariffs for transit of the Russian oil through territory of Belarus in 2012 will make 8,3 %; the figure is co-ordinated by both parties, the document will come into force after observance of diplomatic procedures . As informs Interfax referring to sources in Federal Agency of tariffs, originally Belarus suggested to increase the tariff for 20 %, but the Russian side recognised such growth unreasonable, as the compromise figure 8,5 of % was called. Growth of the tariff for the Belarus transit has appeared less, than year before: in 2011 it has made 12,5 %.

On territory of Belarus there pass northern and southern branches of the main oil pipeline Friendship . On northern the Russian oil is exported to Germany and Poland, on southern - to Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2011 transit of the Russian oil through Belarus on northern branch has made 42 million tons, the tariff - 165,52 rbl. for ton, on southern - 16,8 million tons, the tariff - 71,09 rbl. for ton. That is as a whole the Russian oil industry workers have paid to the country 8,14 mlrd rbl., and this year will pay 8,82 mlrd rbl. Additional payments are not too great, but in February oil industry workers will have an alternative: oil pipeline BTS - 2 to port Ust - Luga will be entered. Whether there will be this route more favourably prorolling through Belarus, depends on the price policy Transneft about which while it is not known.