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This association of those who does not like to be dumb cattle

the Writer and journalist Dmitry Bykov together with Leonid Parfyonov and Boris Akuninym were included into number of founders of the new oppositional organisation of League of voters. In interview of the leader FM to Tatyana Vishnevskaya Dmitry Bykov has told about the purposes and prospects of new association.
- tell to us, whether on the basis of League of voters the new party will be created?

is will show time, how much successfully League of voters will work within February - March. But it is clear while that the offer of Akunin and Parfyonov to create party for not indifferent and apoliticheski active and dissatisfied, sounded after the second organising committee, after Saharova, I think that this offer is heard, and it has united presumably that part of middle class which not all the same that occurs in the country.

- tell, who posesses the party creation initiative?

- I think that the initiative is stated by Akunin and Parfyonov. And hardly later it has simply received legal registration, and the diversified people of the most different trades have joined us many. Here is both political active workers, and TV reporters, both writers, and figures of show - business, and sociologists. And I am assured that their number will grow.

- and here it all - taki will represent whose interests?

- whether Understand, and whose interests are represented, for example, by party an United Russia ?

I think that today in Russia there are two categories of people. One like to be dumb cattle, and they consider it as a force sign, opposition of America, any especial Russian spirituality. And another - is not present. That`s all.

- Whom you see the leader of this new party?

- I am absolutely convinced that the leader is not necessary to new party, party of new type. The leader is necessary to a bulk, vertical structure, and to a mycelium, the moderator is necessary to network structure. It is a lot of such moderators. I am absolutely assured that the new political party does not need the concrete leader, it needs several tens people which would consist there and caused trust in a conceiving part of the country.

- in creation of new party can take part and other active workers of protest movement? Here, for example, the new created Civil committee. And here how much new party will be opened for associations with other political formations?

- In - the first, for the present it not party. For the present this movement. And to become party to it, I think, it is necessary in process. But I think that it is absolutely opened to any assistance. Understand, do not disturb each other an United Russia and the Incorporated popular front? Why the Civil committee and party of League of voters should disturb in something each other? As far as I know, at all people there entering, excellent relations.

- here tell, here the oppositional organisation League of voters was generated quickly enough. And here is how soon there will be a party?

- Let`s hold an election, let`s look, as procession will be possible on February, 4th to us. Let`s look, who as will recommend itself. And, if this movement appears, in general, attractive enough to weights if it gets mass support why it not to become political party in the nearest electoral cycle.

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