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To the general have shown the treasurer

In Novosibirsk yesterday has been detained and etapirovan to Moscow the shadow treasurer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Maxim Kagansky searched for intermediary in a summer residence of a large bribe to the inspector of police. The captain of militia in resignation Kagansky was considered as the nearest assistant eks - the deputy chief of department of economic safety (DEB) Andrey Horeva`s Ministry of Internal Affairs. On indications of the arrested person will depend now not only destiny of general Horeva, but also other former and operating officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Has relaxed, here and has got
As has informed official representative SKR Vladimir Markin who is in federal search Maxim Kagansky has been detained yesterday in Novosibirsk and etapirovan to Moscow where with it investigatory actions will be spent.

according to sources Operation in which employees of special divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and FSB have taken part, has been spent in cottage settlement where the Novosibirsk elite lives. Ostensibly a refuge to Maxim Kagansky who in documents pravoohranitelej is called as the shadow treasurer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and to his wife Anastass has given one of the local agents of national security, lodged them at the relatives. About an approximate site of the mister Kagansky detectives knew after with it one of its close friends who has decided to congratulate personally on a holiday has communicated by a mobile phone, and at the same time to transfer a cognac and thing bottle. Has relaxed, here and has got - has told about it Maxim Kagansky Vladimir Zherebenkov`s lawyer.

Field investigators on a call have established at first settlement, and have then calculated also the house where there was a mister Kagansky. Yesterday members of spetsnaz blocked settlement, and then, having rushed into the necessary cottage, have detained Maxim Kagansky.

About 16 hours I was called by inspector SKR on our business and has informed, that I planned nothing for evening as certain investigatory actions " will be spent; - has informed lawyer Zherebenkov. Which, he has not specified, but then with the lawyer has communicated Anastas Kagansky and has informed on detention of the husband.

at this time field investigators already carried Maxim Kagansky in airport Tolmachevo. In the Sheremetyevo the plane on which board it was, has landed at 20 o`clock. From the airport of the arrested person Kagansky planned to send in central administrative board SKR building across Moscow where the inspector should bring its accusation on ch. 6 items 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Reception through the intermediary of a bribe in especially large size ) . This intermediary, under the version of the investigation, also Maxim Kagansky was.

In search the mister Kagansky has been declared in September of last year after two its security guards and the driver have been detained at reception of a bribe for the inspector of the main investigatory management (GSU) GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Moscow by Nelli Dmitrievoj for the criminal case termination about tomograph contraband. Participants of negotiations expected to receive c company managements the Physician $5 million, but have transferred to them a doll in which was 50 thousand, $1 thousand and the cut paper. In court which selected to it a preventive punishment, Dmitriev`s inspector has declared that from it demanded to give evidences on chief GSU Ivan Gluhov that the part vzjatochnyh money intended to it. Any charges to general Gluhov it was not put forward yet, however if Maxim Kagansky starts to give evidences, it also can appear the figurant of corruption scandal.

Wait in SKR and indications Anastasii Kagansky, which as already informed in 2009 has thanked the first deputy chief DEB the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia of Andrey Horeva, having transferred in its order apartment in the elite house in cost more than $2 million As has informed the lawyer of the madam Kagansky Speaking in a deep voice Zhuchkova, its client passes the witness on the case of a bribe to inspector Dmitrievoj, to Moscow it has arrived in one plane with the detained husband, and has bought the ticket for the money.

inspectors did not begin to interrogate yesterday Maxim Kagansky in absentia arrested by Presnensky regional court, having transferred investigatory actions for today. Interrogation of his wife is appointed to Friday. The lawyer hopes that its remedial status after interrogation will not change, as it simply wife .

the Veteran of fighting meetings
Meanwhile as it became known SKR with might and main checks general Horeva and its former subordinates. Let`s remind, in June, 2011 the former vice-president of committee on defence of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Michael Babich (now the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in Privolzhsky federal district) has addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the requirement to understand a granting order to the high-ranking employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of statuses of veterans of operations with granting of corresponding privileges and financial encouragements. He was revolted with history with assignment of such status to general Horevu and its subordinates of that time - to Vitaly Belinsky (now the chief of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation on safety of the persons who are subject to state protection. - ) and to the former chief of department of conspiracy and personnel maintenance DEBa to Sergey Gorjunovu. According to mister Babich, the high-ranking militiamen have received the veteran status for participation in meeting concerning maintenance of a target expenditure of the budgetary funds, taken place on July, 31st, 2008 in Grozny. Besides, they after this business trip have been awarded by signs the Participant of operations . And signs have been handed over with the formulation for boldness, selflessness and the high professionalism, shown at execution of an office debt in counterterrorism operation carrying out in region of the North Caucasus .

the State Office of Public Prosecutor has inspected, by which results of general Horeva and its subordinates have deprived of veteran ranks. Besides, general Horevu had to leave the Ministry of Internal Affairs: it has not passed certification and has been ousted, and then and is dismissed from law-enforcement bodies.

but scandal was not limited to it. On the given fact to the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been spent also internal check by forces of Central administrative board of own safety. Checking have considered that in this history in Andrey Horeva`s actions and its subordinates there are signs of the crime provided p.1 the item 285 criminal codes of Russian Federation (abusing powers of office). Check materials have been directed to investigatory management on the Central federal district (TSFO) SKR for acceptance of the remedial decision on criminal case excitation.

Dosledstvennuju check SKR on these materials were spent by the inspector on especially important issues Vladimir Leonov. It has interrogated general Horeva and other pseudo-veterans which position was reduced to that they personally did not undertake any actions for reception of the status of the veteran, and the order of assignment of such status was unknown to them. Therefore, when personnel officers have given out them certificates of veterans, they have considered that have received them lawfully. Thus general Horev insists till now that of its veteran certificate have deprived unreasonably as he visited the Chechen Republic and earlier, being in short-term business trips, but thus he risked life on a level with other employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and even took with itself a pistol. Let`s notice that on last one-day business trip to Grozny for which it and became the veteran, from the airport on meeting and back in the airport it was accompanied by the whole group of fighters of OMON and group of militia of a special purpose.

having studied circumstances of this history, inspector Leonov has taken out the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case concerning Andrey Horeva and its subordinates in connection with absence in their actions of structure of a crime .

But as it became known its direct head Dmitry Zagorodnev has disagreed with opinion of the inspector. Shortly before New Year`s holidays it has cancelled the decision of the inspector as unreasonable. Dmitry Zagorodnev has decided to spend new check for the purpose of elimination of the lacks interfering acceptance of the lawful and well-founded decision . The chief of investigatory management on TSFO SKR considers that it is necessary to check up once again all circumstances of inclusion of general Horeva and its subordinates in the order on a recognition their persons who were taking part in a counterterrorism operation, documentary to confirm the fact of payments of additional money resources in connection with assignment of the status of veterans of operations by it. Besides, Dmitry Zagorodnev has demanded to state a legal estimation to actions of officials of the Ministries of Internal Affairs involved in unreasonable assignment to Horevu, Belinsky and Gorjunovu of the status of the veteran . Mister Horev was not accessible yesterday to comments, and one of its lawyers has declared that it does not discuss the legal practice with journalists.