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In the mayoralty of Omsk hand over party membership cards

Political council of Omsk regional branch (RO) an United Russia has excluded from the party and. An island of the mayor of Omsk Tatyana Vizhevitovu and vitse - the speaker of the City Council Victor Artemyev. As one of the reasons of such decision is called destructive work in branch and its split, and also a failure of United Russia party members on December elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The excluded Party members consider it as revenge for participation in the conflict between Omsk governor Leonid Polezhaev and former mayor Victor Shrejderom in which result the town governor has been compelled to pass to work in the State Duma. Strengthening of protest voting on elections in the City Council of Omsk can become on March, 4th, 2012 a consequence of an exception of officials from party, in their opinion.

about an exception and. An island of the mayor of Omsk of Tatyana Vizhevitovoj from an United Russia it became known yesterday at the closed conference of Omsk regional branch of party. Developed election campaign, even not presidential, and at elections in the City Council (elections are appointed to March, 2012. - ) shows that variety of representatives of the mayoralty continues the destructive work in party: party split, division of fraction on and another`s proceeds. Therefore the unanimous decision to exclude from party Vizhevitovu and Artemyev (Victor Artemyev, vitse - the speaker of Omsk city council is accepted. - ) - the secretary of political council RO " declared; an United Russia Alexander Artem. The correspondence decision on an exception of United Russia party members from party was accepted regional political council past Monday, have specified in a press - service an United Russia .

In what destructive work of officials was expressed, in branch yesterday have refused to explain. In some regional mass-media there was an information in the evening that Party members were excluded for sabotage of early election of the mayor and December election campaign in the State Duma, and also default by a city administration of decisions of courts. In Omsk on elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation on December, 4th the party in power has typed 27,47 % of voices, while the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 30,56 %.

As informed , on December, 21st last year the Omsk city council has accepted preschedule resignation of mayor Victor Shrejdera. The town governor declared third in the regional group of the list an United Russia has left for work in the State Duma of the Russian Federation though term of its powers expired only in 2015. Voluntary retirement was preceded by the long conflict to Omsk governor Leonid Polezhaev. In 2010 and 2011 RO an United Russia from giving of the head of region repeatedly tried to exclude mister Shrejdera from the party ostensibly for negative socially - an economic situation in Omsk. However 33 members of political council from 40 then have voted against its exception and were limited to collecting.

I an island of the mayor the City Council has confirmed vitse - the mayor of Omsk Tatyana Vizhevitovu. The same day deputies have appointed early election of the mayor to March, 4th, 2012. But the decision about early election has not been published in official city mass-media and has not entered validity. Now deputies will appoint new date of early election at the nearest session on January, 25th.

the exception became a bolt from the blue for disgraced Party members. about the exception I have learnt from mass-media - me did not warn, anywhere did not invite also have given nobody possibility to be explained. I think that it is revenge that my activity is connected with activity of the former mayor of Omsk and I continue its line of conduct - Tatyana Vizhevitova has declared yesterday . The desire to deprive its possibility to be put forward from party " could become one more reason, according to the official; an United Russia on forthcoming elections in the City Council of Omsk. Earlier madam Vizhevitova stated intention to stand.

in its opinion, an exception and. An island of the mayor of Omsk before election campaign can aggravate only and without that an uneasy political situation in region . It can involve more active protest voting - the official considers. vitse - the speaker Omsk GS Victor Artemyev is convinced that no objective reasons for its exception are present. the Reason can be only one - that I support the former mayor Victor Shrejdera - he has told.

the Omsk political strategist Galina Tatarinov considers that an exception of officials - the next demonstration of war between a city and area . On Shrejdera the regional authorities did not have not enough forces, and as a result it has escaped from - under their punishing hands. Now there were figures more poorly and consequently it has been shown, what at us the basic regional party organisation - has noted the expert.