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The public opinion is more expensive than investments

the Krasnoyarsk governor the Lion of Smiths has broken off the agreement from Joint-Stock Company the Check - the Sou. VK providing building near to the regional centre Yenisei ferrosplavnogo factory (EFZ). The head of region motivated the decision with mass meetings of the Krasnoyarsk citizens, demanding to forbid realisation of this dangerous, in their opinion, the project. Meanwhile earlier the governor spoke about necessity to wait results of ecological examination and public hearings. The authorities expect to return trust of the population before forthcoming presidential election, but risk to frighten off large potential investors, experts are convinced.

about the decision to denounce signed with the Check - the Sou. VK the Krasnoyarsk governor the Lion of Smiths has informed the cooperation agreement in building EFZ yesterday at the expanded meeting first in this year with members of the regional government. It has notified ministers that has the day before sent investors of the project the letter on cancellation before the accepted arrangements. considering opinion of townsmen of Krasnoyarsk, deputies of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region, I consider civil-engineering design realisation ferromargantsevogo factory in Krasnoyarsk and its vicinities impossible - it is informed in the message of the head of region addressed to the chairman of board of directors the Check - the Sou. VK Victor Hrolenko.

the Kemerovo Joint-Stock Company the Check - the Sou. VK planned building EFZ within the limits of the project on creation it is mountain - the metallurgical complex including also working out of the Usinsk deposit of manganous ores and erection GOKa. Capacity of 250 thousand t ferroalloys in a year second (630 thousand) - in 2017 is supposed to put the First stage of factory into operation in 2014. The total cost of the project makes 22 mlrd rbl. Manufacture was supposed to be placed on empty platforms of factory Krastjazhmash . The Cooperation agreement the Check - the Sou. VK and regional administration have signed in February, 2008 on V Krasnoyarsk an economic forum (then over region Alexander Hloponin supervised). In 2010 of the obligation of the parties have been confirmed by present governor Lvom Kuznetsovym. EFZ it is included in the list of the basic investment projects of Strategy of development of iron and steel industry of the Russian Federation till 2020, confirmed four years ago the Russian government.

but as informed , with sharp criticism EFZ social movement " has acted; Krasnoyarsk against . Active workers of movement assert that the factory will put irreparable harm of ecology and to health of townsmen. In October of last year in Krasnoyarsk has passed the most mass during the last years meeting against enterprise building for which has gathered more than 6 thousand persons. After it the regional authorities have promised to resolve building only after carrying out of public hearings and ecological completion of the project. Deputies have appointed public discussion to February of this year.

the reasons of unexpected change of a position of Lva Kuznetsova in a press - service of the governor did not make comments yesterday. According to a source in the regional government, as the basis for rupture of agreements the statement " has served; the Check - the Sou. VK in Krasnoyarsk arbitration court. The company has challenged refusal of administration of Emeljanovsky area in which territory should take place EFZ, allocate the earth. The decision of the regional authorities then was supported by the governor. interdiction contest has shown that investors are going to bypass simply the imposed restrictions through court and to begin factory building contrary to moods of the public, as a result the governor has been compelled to make the strong-willed decision - has told a source. As he said, now in edge the moratorium on building of the high-class enterprises of danger which will last before acceptance of the regional law accurately regulating the requirements to placing of such enterprises is actually entered. To consider the document it is planned till the end of 2012. Yesterday in Krasnoyarsk arbitration court have informed that the statement the Check - the Sou. VK it is really submitted, but it is left without movement till February, 10th.

meanwhile Joint-Stock Company the Check - the Sou. VK has regretfully apprehended the statement of the governor of Krasnoyarsk region Lva Kuznetsova for cancellation by administration of region of the agreement . In the company underline that the exit of one of the parties from the agreement does not mean cancellation of all project, as, according to item 8 of the given document, any of the parties has the right to refuse unilaterally performance of the obligations . By an estimation the Check - the Sou. VK The decision of the governor can cause a number negative socially - economic consequences as the project assumes creation at the first stage of 1,4 thousand workplaces, and annual tax revenues in the regional budget after enterprise start were planned in volume of 868 million rbl. Public hearings are unanimously recognised by expedient. For the public, the authorities and the company it is important to hear a position of experts which could be stated at public hearings, and for the company those recommendations which could be generated on their results are anyway important. That the governor has decided to sound own position before their carrying out, is its right. Though, certainly, acceptance of negative decisions for the investor, including on the threshold of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum on which platform our agreements have been entered into with region, creates not the most favorable background for the further development of edge - the general director " has declared ; the Check - the Sou. VK Victor Hrolenko.

Unilateral rupture before the concluded agreements under such large-scale project as building EFZ, becomes serious blow on investment appeal of Krasnoyarsk region. Certainly, capital flight will not be, but will involve new big investors where more difficult, it is impossible so backdating to change here the established game rules, after all the company has already incurred serious financial costs - general director IK " warns also; Russian investors - Siberia Valentine Bogomolov. Probably, was more correct to carry out public hearings which would allow to state the arguments to all parties, including the Check - the Sou. VK And to develop the weighed position But the governor - a figure political, and for it it is important to keep social stability in region on the eve of elections, and from this point of view the decision is quite logical - the chairman of committee on the industry and life-support of regional parliament Victor Zubarev believes.