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I am not assured that organizers have groped today a nerve of those who goes on meetings

On the basis of created the new political party expressing interests of middle class can arise Leonid Parfyonov and Boris Akuninym Ligi of voters subsequently. The president of Fund of an effective policy Gleb Pavlovsky has commented on a situation of the leader FM to Tatyana Vishnevskaya.
- whether there is a party of League of voters serious political force?

- In - the first, the League, and anything, except the name and founders should become serious political force, it is not known. Today there is more likely a sensation that the group, so to say, organizers of meetings, hurries up to be organised earlier, than participants of these meetings were organised. Here that legs part is appreciable enough. Organising committee - not the same that those who come on meetings. Also that such this League of voters while it is not known. But it is necessary to welcome occurrence, basically, the new independent organisation, this in itself is good. Concerning middle class - we remember that for last 20 years there was no liberal, centrist and right party which would not say that she will lean against middle class. I will remind that the middle class in Russia is basically officials.

- and it is capable to eliminate existing dissociation of opposition about which many experts speak?

- I think, it is not necessary to solve false problems. Dissociation of opposition is an imaginary problem when the opposition is powerless, deprived the concept, style and, so to say, people, which, I any more do not speak, it would be desirable to obey, and is simply interesting to listen. God grant, that the League, at least, concerning appeal of the performances, could offer something. I am not assured that organizers of meetings have groped today a nerve of those who goes on meetings. Considerably enough that people talk on meetings among themselves more, than listen acting among which, in general - that speaking, and there are founders of this League.

- one of organizers of the action For fair elections Boris Nemtsov has declared that it is necessary to stop attempts to carry on negotiations with the power. How the new party, in your opinion will lead? Whether she will carry on dialogue with the country leaders or will occupy more a hard line?

- In - the first, it as far as I understand, speech while goes not about party, and about any other public organisation. It, maybe, and correctly because the party is at once a question on the Central Committee and all comes to an end on it is on Central Committee election. I think, all should talk. And the problem is not a lot of, and in a lack of conversations and communications, arrangements. Simply it is not necessary to agree at the expense of others and it is not necessary to agree at the expense of principles. And it is possible to speak about all.

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