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eks - the head of traffic police of Khakassia has kept belief of

Today in the Supreme court of Khakassia the sentence on the second business about bribery of the former chief of republican traffic police of Vyacheslav Lepsheeva already sentenced in last year, besides bribery, for swindle and abusings by eight years of imprisonment is planned to pronounce. On Monday in the last word the defendant has declared that fault does not recognise, and its protection considers the evidence produced by a consequence indirect, and indications of witnesses not reliable.

the next session on Vyacheslav Lepsheeva`s business has taken place on Monday. with a reciprocal word on debate protection of the accused has acted. Then the word has been given Vyacheslav Lepsheevu. In last word the defendant has declared that fault does not recognise, then the judge has left in a consultative room for adjudgment - has informed a press - the secretary of Khakass Supreme court Ljubov Soloveva.

As wrote , according to an evidence, in 2006 - 2007 Vyacheslav Lepsheev, using the office position, has established unreasonably overestimated requirements for reception of forms of accounts vehicles necessary for registration in republic. It has been during the investigation revealed that for unobstructed reception of these documents a number of the companies and individual businessmen have ostensibly transferred to the head of a republican state traffic inspectorate of that time Lepsheevu of a bribe in the sum more than 1 million rbl. to It accusations on two episodes on p.1 item 290 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (" are brought; the Bribe ) and to three episodes on ch. 4 items 290 ( Reception of a bribe by the official in especially large size ) . Last week during debate the public prosecutor has demanded for the former head of GAI officers of republic of 13 years of imprisonment and the penalty in 1 million rbl.

But, according to Vyacheslav Lepsheeva`s protection, charge has not produced any real evidence of its participation in considered crimes. there are no proofs of transfer of money, so, and the fact of presence of bribes. All demonstrative base is under construction, as a matter of fact, on indications of one, not reliable for the witness, repeatedly the offender for swindle - the lawyer of the defendant Vasily Lepyokhin has told . It does not exclude custom-made character of business. Otherwise it is difficult to explain, why at once five persons in one day have addressed in law enforcement bodies with statements on Vyacheslav Lepsheeva in five years after events, and the main witness, eight months were in a colony, after evidence against my client have unexpectedly released - mister Lepyokhin marks.

in August, 2011 the Supreme court of Khakassia for similar crimes has already sentenced Vyacheslav Lepsheeva to eight years of imprisonment and the penalty in 1 million rbl. Then it has been recognised by guilty, besides item 290, under item 285 ( Abusing powers of office ), item 286 ( Excess of powers of office ) and under item 159 ( Swindle ) . The consequence managed to prove that during 2006 - 2007 Vyacheslav Lepsheev has received bribes for a total sum more than 1 million rbl. and has made swindle almost on 2 million rbl. Then protection asserted that during proceeding and a consequence serious remedial infringements have been admitted. Criminal case its lawyers named revenge from dishonest police officers, which it (Lepsheev. - ) prevented to turn the affairs, in particular has refused to give evidences against the head - the Minister of Internal Affairs of Khakassia Vladimir Ponamareva (it is sent in resignation in the beginning of 2008. - ) . By this time on this business protection has already appealed against against a sentence in the Supreme court of the Russian Federation.

to announce a sentence on Vyacheslav Lepsheeva`s second business it is planned today.