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an United Russia searches to itself for a place

an United Russia has spent yesterday the scale All-Russia selector on which secretaries of political councils, heads of executive committees, party mayors and heads of Legislative Assemblies have been caused. With an active have spent pre-election instructing. Its main task consisted in that the time tactical distance between the candidate for presidents Vladimir Putin and the party which has put forward it has not turned back full loss of this resource still necessary to the power.
yesterday the central management an United Russia has encouraged the colleagues in regions. The selector with regions was conducted the secretary of presidium gensoveta by Sergey Neverov, the head of the Duma fraction of party, the head of executive committee Andrey Vorobev, the deputy of the State Duma, Alena Nikolaeva supervising housing and communal services, heads of intercoordination councils of party. Discussed three pre-election themes - housing and communal services tariffs, the Internet - discussions and clean elections.

For tariffs has got to branch and munitsipalam Primorski Krai. Sergey Neverov has chided them that they have admitted growth of payments of housing and communal services for the population. Andrey Vorobev ordered to Party members by means of the Internet more actively to explain actual economic and social themes. young guards prepares for day of voting of a videocamera, with which will work on polling districts to oppose the records to video data of opposition, intended to fix vbrosy and infringements.

Andrey Vorobev has explained directions of pre-election work of party so: We accompany campaign, we conduct organizational work, superfluous vanity is necessary to nobody, everything that will do good to our candidate, we do . Mister Vorobev has informed: Propaganda is not only primitive appeals. Discussion within the limits of those problems which Vladimir Vladimirovich pronounces in the performances, we conduct including on the Internet and we will increase presence . The United Russia party member confirms: Fair elections - our priority, Young guards will be engaged in a number of projects in this area, they will work as observers on polling districts .

Yesterday`s action - perhaps, the first scale party action after total session of a general council of party. It has passed in December of last year and has been devoted summarising of the Duma campaign and distribution of posts in parliament. After that within a month an United Russia was on a roadside of public space. Even representatives the All-Russian popular front (ONF) on which base Vladimir Putin`s staffs are generated, branded an United Russia On different voices, and in party of any orders from the Kremlin on public participation in campaign did not arrive. And on January, 16th, at session of staff ONF, its head Stanislav Govorukhin has declared: an United Russia is a small part of a society, and ONF is all country . A tactical distance between Vladimir Putin and an United Russia demoralised a regional active. Party members and have believed that do not participate in campaign. It was not absolutely that effect which was necessary to party leadership. The source in one of its regional branches has declared : Actually within the limits of campaign has put full, simply to us it is recommended to concentrate on the organisation that the eructation from December, 4th was not imposed for March, 4th . Now the party has found also the small niche in a political part of presidential campaign.

at an United Russia There is very good organizational potential on places. Most effectively - to use this organizational resource - political strategist Andrey Rusov considers.

Meanwhile the political council of Omsk regional branch has excluded from the party and. An island of the mayor of Omsk Tatyana Vizhevitovu. As one of the reasons of such decision is called destructive work in branch and its split, and also a failure of United Russia party members on December elections in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The excluded Party members consider it as revenge for participation in the conflict of Omsk governor Leonid Polezhaev and the former mayor of Omsk Victor Shrejdera in which result last has left the deputy in the State Duma. about the exception I have learnt from mass-media - me did not warn, anywhere did not invite also have given nobody possibility to be explained. I think that it is revenge that my activity is connected with activity of the former mayor of Omsk and I continue its line of conduct - has declared yesterday Tatyana Vizhevitova. In its opinion, an exception and. An island of the mayor of Omsk before election campaign can aggravate only and without that an uneasy political situation in region .