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To Novokuznetsk gangsters have counted 11 murders

the Kemerovo regional court the sentence concerning 11 members of criminal grouping on which to the account more than 10 murders of businessmen, have informed the official representative of investigatory management SKR on Nadezhda Ananeva area has pronounced. The Investigation of the case lasted seven years. Defendants, depending on a role of each of them, were accused of gangsterism, murders, weapon illegal circulation, robbery, robberies and other crimes. Leaders of criminal group Oleg Berger and Alexander Isaev have received lifelong terms in a particular treatment colony. Alexander Butjaev, Yury Brysov, Pavel Vezdnev, Dmitry Harchenkov, Igor Brosalin, Oleg Pudovkin and Alexander Sigaev have received on seven 70,5 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. Two more participants of a gang are released from a criminal liability in connection with the expiry of the term of prescription of crimes. By consequence and court it is established that the gang operated with 1998 for 2005 in Novokuznetsk, businessmen became its victims. gangsters have been well armed, they possessed the whole arsenal of the weapon - Kalashnikov`s automatic machines, pomegranates, pistols and devices for silent shooting - has told the representative of department. She also has noticed that in a gang there was an accurate cast, and the leader and the organizer of the steady armed group Berger widely applied communications available for it to definition of the victims - the businessmen possessing the large sums of money, and appointed executors of crimes. Inspectors managed to prove participation of members of a gang and their leader in fulfilment more than 25 heavy and especially grave crimes, in which number 11 of murders and two attempts at murder. The sentence has been taken out within the limits of Novokuznetsk constant session of regional court.