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Sochi - the Guarantor the capital in capital

Open Society SK " will gather additionally; Sochi - the Guarantor till the end of last year - h years the Company entering in the middle of 2000 was not possible to spend to number of the insurers largest in region dopemissiju actions on 155 million rbl., cannot carry out from the beginning of 2012 activity from - for discrepancies of the size of an authorised capital stock to legislatively certain minimum. A management Sochi - the Guarantor declares that dokapitalizatsija and business relicensing remain in the nearest plans of shareholders. Change juradresa " became the first their decision declared in this year; Sochi - the Guarantor with Krasnodar on the Moscow.

According to Open Society SK message Sochi - the Guarantor on a disclosing site, shareholders of the company at extraordinary meeting have made the decision on change of the legal address and the company location - Sochi - the Guarantor moves from Krasnodar to Moscow. According to the general director Sochi - the Guarantor Dmitry Burejnikova, the decision on change of the legal address was accepted with a view of optimisation of expenses. from the beginning of year the company does not carry out insurance activity as the size of its authorised capital stock does not reply with the established legislation to requirements - a minimum, 120 million rbl. - he has informed . UK Sochi - the Guarantor makes 31 million rbl., in the autumn proprietors have approved dopemissiju actions on 154,99 million rbl. Among shareholders was planned to place more than 5,74 million securities face value 27 rbl. everyone. However, as mister Burejnikov, dopemissija " explains; for technical reasons has not taken place. owners expect to increase an authorised capital stock then the company will be defined with those kinds of insurance which intend to develop this year and will be engaged in reception of licences - representative SK speaks. Thus it does not exclude that in connection with change of a regulator of the insurance market control over which has passed last year to FSFR, with licensing also can arise certain complexities .

Co-owners Sochi - the Guarantor the Moscow Open Companies - " are; SSD - Insurance (39,5 %), Capital group of development (more than 40 %) and Ardi - the Print (more than 20 %), redeemed last summer the company at supervising it since 1998 the SOUTH - Investbank. To Contact representatives of shareholders SK yesterday it was not possible. Earlier, after transaction closing, representatives of bank declared that new proprietors are profile investors who will develop insurance business in region .

Till 2007 Sochi - the Guarantor Specialised on medical insurance and entered, by estimations of Rosstrahnadzora, in number 50 of the largest insurers on OMS. In 2006 under contracts OMS the company has insured 428 thousand persons, having collected 829,9 million rbl. Till 2007 market OMS for the working and idle population in edge has been divided between five companies, including Sochi - the Guarantor . Services on OMS to the idle population for 2007 have been exposed on competition by a uniform prize, it has won Kemerovo SK Siberia . After this Sochi - the Guarantor has refused the licence on OMS, having concentrated on DMS. In 2008 head office SK has moved from Sochi to Krasnodar, representations in cities of Krasnodar territory, Pyatigorsk and Sukhumi have been closed. The same year the company has obtained time licences for insurance of property, ground transport, voluntary insurance of a civil liability of automobile owners (DSAGO), insurance upon accidents, and also insurance of risk of a non-return of credits.

in 2009 and 2010, according to reports Sochi - the Guarantor the company has received losses - 394 thousand and 3,5 million rbl. accordingly. The greatest volume of awards during this period has been received on insurance of credit risks - 2,7 million rbl. in 2009 and 1,09 million rbl. in 2010, thus the volume of payments for 2010 has made 2,8 million rbl. According to FSFR for 9 months 2011, operating contracts of insurance and insurance premiums at Sochi - the Guarantor was not, the volume of payments has made 44 thousand rbl.

Besides dokapitalizatsii, other essential obstacles to returning SK to the regional market are not present now, experts consider. FSFR has toughened requirements to quality of insurance actives and demands the corresponding financial reporting, however it concerns operating insurers and licensing does not concern - group economist UK " speaks; finam Management Alexander Osin. As he said, before reception of licences SK can be engaged in intermediary activity in the market and form client base on the future .

According to the head of representation of the All-Russia union of insurers (VSS) in JUFO Natalias Churikjan, FSFR considers documents on licensing about two months. into a package of given documents enter, including, insurance rules, calculations of tariffs and risks with which working out there can be complexities. However an unsoluble problem it is not. The companies which do not have developers of methodology, use foreign insurance aktuariev - the expert explains.