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The ambassador of the USA has met resistance

the New ambassador of the USA in the Russian Federation Michael Makfol has begun the mission with a meeting with the Russian civil active workers and oppositional politicians - Evgeniej Chirikovoj, Boris Nemtsov, Vladimir Ryzhkovym and others. Oppositionists named a meeting the worker and fact-finding however nevertheless have taken an interest, when to them will return money of Gosdepa spent, under the statement of representatives of the Russian power, on oppositional meetings. The first deputy of the head of US State department William Burns attentively observed of dialogue also.
we have been surprised, having learnt that mister Makfol begins the first working day with a meeting with us. It is a good sign - has declared the leader of movement in protection of the Khimki wood of Evgenie Chirikova. Except it to a meeting have been invited head of movement For human rights Lion Ponomarev, the head of the Russian branch of anticorruption organisation Transparency International Elena Panfilov, the head of association the Voice the Lily of Shibanova, journalist Olga Romanov, the head of Federation of automobile owners Sergey Kanaev and the chairman of movement of protection of the rights of businessmen Business - solidarity Yana Jakovleva. At a meeting there was a first deputy of the head of US State department William Burns, however it, according to participants of a meeting, kept silence and only listened to dialogue.

Michael Makfol is the largest in Presidential Administration of the USA of Barack Obama the expert across Russia. He lived and some years worked here, headed Carnegie - the centre. Mister Makfol - the ideologist of the program reboots Russian - the American relations, thus the consecutive critic of a policy of the Russian authorities. Mister Makfol was the co-chairman of working group concerning a civil society (from the Russian side it was headed by the former first deputy of the head of the Office of the President Vladislav Surkov). The ambassador of the USA has arrived to Moscow on January, 14th and shortly before arrival has got to itself accounts in several most popular social networks, in particular in LiveJournal and Twitter.

Representatives of a civil society a meeting with mister Makfolom have begun that in the ironical form have demanded money. I took feasible part in the organisation of December meetings of the protest then has heard as the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has told that, it appears, I gained it on money of Gosdepa. And so would like to take an interest: where and when I can receive them? - mister Kanaev has asked. Mister Makfol, probably not wishing to begin work with scandal, has carefully answered that For words the one who has said them " can answer only; then this theme have reduced to a joke.

on a format the meeting did not differ from the same actions which earlier with legal experts spent, in particular, the vice-president of the USA Joe Bajden, state secretary Hillari Clinton and its assistant Michael Pozner. Attracts attention only that mister Makfol more than others, has paid attention to the civil active workers who have received popularity in last of some years, - from legal experts old school mister Ponomarev has been invited only. The meeting has passed In the rest under the tested regulations:

representatives of public organisations said that to them seems to the most important, Americans took this information into consideration, without making comments.

madam Shibanova told, how it becomes fashionable to be the observer on presidential election . Panfilov`s madam spoke about necessity of continuation of anticorruption work within the limits of the commission on interaction of a civil society. I have told that Vladimir Putin does not hear us, and the public statements embitters a society more and more, - has declared madam Chirikova. - He tries to find the external enemy while usual people all excites more strongly that occurs at them near by . It was simple acquaintance, a working meeting which is spent by all ambassadors scooping the information not only from official sources. Instructions of Gosdepa we whoever that spoke, did not receive - Panfilov`s madam has summed up.

other opinion adhered about two tens active workers of movement Ours met active workers leaving embassy. They have armed with videocameras. it was simply interesting to us to look, who has come - Maria Kislitsyn has explained the leader of movement.

after legal experts mister Makfol has met representatives of parliamentary and unparliamentary opposition. fair Russia deputies of the State Duma Ilya Ponomarev and Oksana Dmitriev, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - the vice-president of committee of the State Duma on the international affairs Leonid Kalashnikov represented. Besides, at a meeting were the leader the Apple Sergey Mitrokhin and co-chairmen Parnassus Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Ryzhkov. And the two last told about December meetings in Moscow and about preparation for the procession planned for February, 4th.

it is possible to explain such beginning of work of mister Makfola to that it - not career diplomat first for many years on this post, - considers the director of the Russian and Asian programs of the American Institute of world safety Nikolay Zlobin. - It presumes to itself(himself) nonconventional steps for diplomacy also because it Reboot - one of few successes of foreign policy of Barack Obama. In November Obama wants to be re-elected, and he should answer republicans rigidly criticising Putin .