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the Head of Chuvashiya has signed the decree about increase since January, 1st of a salary to some categories of state employees on 15 %. Experts connect slight increase of the salary with forthcoming presidential election.

on the threshold of presidential elections of Russia the head of Chuvashiya Michael Ignatyev has signed the decree about increase in a salary to workers of preschool centres, spheres of culture, physical culture and sports on 15 %. Means for it are not put in the republic budget for 2012. on decree realisation it will be directed 369 million roubles, including 104 million roubles received from the federal budget for achievement of the best indicators of activity of enforcement authorities and 57,5 million of roubles - for the best results in efficient control sphere by the public finance. An order of 200 million roubles will be found from the republican budget - the Minister of Finance of republic Michael Nozdrjakov has informed at a briefing.

In 2011 official salaries to workers of budgetary sphere - since June, 1st on 6,5 %, since October, 1st on 6,5 % twice raised. In the Ministry of Finance of Chuvashiya have informed that the average salary of teachers in republic has made in IV quarter 2011 of 16,1 thousand rbl., workers of preschool centres - 8,5 thousand rbl., cultural and sports establishments - 8,3 thousand rbl. Taking into account increase since January, 1st, 2012 the salary will increase by 15 %, for example, at workers of culture establishments and sports on 1200 - 1300 rbl.

to teachers the bill does not provide Increase of the salary, as in 2011, according to mister Nozdrjakova, the salary of teachers in Chuvashiya has been increased by 30 % within the limits of realisation of the program of education modernisation. And since October, 1st, 2012 salary growth on 6 %? It is expected at workers of all categories of budgetary sphere.

Mister Nozdrjakov has explained that increase of the salary to workers of preschool centres, spheres of culture, physical culture and sports is expected in February after the corresponding bill will be considered by the government and republic parliament. I hope that deputies of the republican State Council will approach to this question structurally and will support the given decision. In spite of the fact that it will be accepted in February, salary increase is provided since January, 1st, 2012, and salary charge will occur, including January - mister Nozdrjakov has noted.

Valentine Shurchanov, the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, has declared that increase on 15 % it is good, but it is not enough . to Raise the salary from 4 thousand roubles on 400 - 500 roubles is not an increase. It would be necessary to raise in 2,5 times. Work at the same workers of preschool centres difficult, responsible, is connected with children. And receive today nurses in Chuvashiya of 4 thousand Roubles, and managers - 6 thousand roubles. By the way, in Moscow the average salary of workers of kindergartens more than 30 thousand roubles. It is necessary to leave on such standards. And to begin with to finish the average salary of workers of kindergartens to the average salary in republic - about 14 thousand roubles following the results of 2011 - mister Shurchanov has noted.

Igor Moljakov, the head of fraction Fair Russia in the State Council of Chuvashiya, has informed that the republican parliament will support the initiative because to raise the salary to state employees it is necessary. At the same time he considers that it a pre-election step and the powerful tool of political influence because a support of the present power are women of middle age on whom the mode " keeps;. the Power maltreats the people, and before elections not on lifts the salary many and speaks: We care of you . It, of course, tiny money, but people have finished to such degree that they and 100 roubles consider as huge happiness - mister Moljakov has noted.

According to the head of regional programs Fund of development of an information policy Alexander Kyneva, the binding of increase of a salary to forthcoming elections is a tradition not only Russia, but also of some other countries . all Becomes possible that popular decisions were accepted before elections. But, as a matter of fact, it is a question of increase of a salary and so category of citizens most dependent on the state - to state employees. And the given measure of increase can be considered not as attraction of new electorate before elections, and as preservation old - mister Kynev has informed.