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To dealers offer a roof

In Joshkar - Ole will open on February, 1st the first agricultural market on which building it has been directed 100 million roubles. According to experts, will quickly pay back investments to investors uneasy as many of the interrogated potential tenants of the market while at all do not know about occurrence in a city of new trading object and the interest have not stated.

in Joshkar - Ole to the address Water, 48 is created the agricultural co-operative market first in a city on which local commodity producers will realise the production. The idea of creation of the market belongs to Mary El`s Ministry of Agriculture. Investments have made 100 million roubles. Under data minselhoza, founders of the market - the private persons which names are not disclosed. In department consider that creation of the centralised market will relieve a city of unapproved trade.

now there is a formation of trading places. Market opening is planned in the first of February. As have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Agriculture, the market will correspond to the modern standards. It will be covered, heated, with toilets and a parking zone. The market is calculated on 250 trading places. Cost of one place will make from 200 to 350 roubles a day.

as the market is located on city suburb, planned to enter additional lines for fixed-route taxis, - have informed in minselhoze.

In a country farm Kenesh have informed that about the new market heard nothing. Now the economy realises the production of times in a week at day off fair in Joshkar - Ole (the only thing in a city the place authorised by the mayoralty for trade in agricultural manufacturers in the production at retail - ). As the representative " has explained; Kenesh Day off fair is is subcentral cities and to move to the new market much it is represented inexpedient. In Joint-Stock Company Mari have informed that now consider the offer on production placing in the new agricultural market, however the final decision is yet accepted. The company doubt that the new market will be popular in the population as to reach it difficultly. In Open Society Hothouse about market existence also it is known, however offers on placing on it from market administration did not arrive.

in a network of food shops the Rainbow and the Water-lily (each of networks has an order of five shops) have informed that do not consider as the competitor opening market as the segment of the similar goods is too small. In these networks the share of production from local agricultural manufacturers makes an order 5 - 6 %.

the Financial adviser, the director of the consulting centre The leader Nina Makarova approves idea of creation of the agricultural market. As she said, in city centre to find a similar premise with a convenient parking difficultly. Madam Makarova considers as the basic error bad work on informing of agricultural manufacturers - for two weeks before opening very few people knows about the project.

according to the economist, political scientist Edward Morozova, remoteness of the market from dormitory areas will not provide the necessary inflow of people. Besides will fill 250 places only with farmers difficult. In its opinion, in the future in the market, besides agricultural production, there will be all assortment of consumer goods. According to the economist, turns ranka will make from 1 to 3 million roubles a month, under condition of filling of the market more than on 90 %.