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the World has left Samara

GK the World till the end of February should finish dismantle and export of not completed big wheel from the Samara park of a name of Gagarin. The company has reached arrangements with a city administration which interfered earlier with design export. GK has forgiven MT Parks of Samara the credit at a rate of 4 million roubles also has given the project of dismantle of a design. Head the World Vladimir Gnezdilov has declared that the project and has not been realised from - for administrative barriers to business. Of the mayoralty of Samara are assured that have avoided risk, having refused commissioning of an attraction without necessary coordination from the point of view of the authorities.

Moscow GK the World has entered into the agreement with MT Parks of Samara which will allow the company to finish the dismantle which has begun with scandal of a big wheel in park of a name of Gagarin.

we Will remind, kontsessionnoe the agreement on park of a name of Gagarin has concluded with GK the World Victor Tarhova`s administration in September, 2010 for 45 years. Not less than 500 thousand roubles a month the investor has received for a rent in the order a site the area of 349 thousand sq. metres. Management GK the World announced scale reconstruction of park with erection of a big wheel in diameter of 80 metres.

however the administration of the new mayor of Samara Dmitry Azarov in November, 2010 has challenged the concession contract in court. Regional Gosstrojnadzor has counted a wheel as capital construction for which erection corresponding procedure of the coordination is necessary, and has forbidden work. GK the WORLD has disagreed with such decision, however in court has lost processes with supervising instance.

Thus till the end of last year the mayoralty and the investor nevertheless continued negotiations with the investor about possibility of end of building of a wheel. Process has not crowned success.

in the middle of December of last year scandal round a big wheel has received continuation. Then Head GK the WORLD Vladimir Gnezdilov has accused the mayoralty of Samara of preventing to already begun dismantle of a design. According to municipality, wheel analysis should pass under the co-ordinated project, and the company is obliged to refund expenses on building and technical inspection of the base, object protection, an electrical supply.

yesterday head GK the World Vladimir Gnezdilov has informed that the agreement which has allowed the company to dismantle a design, has been reached on December, 29th. At the moment the wheel is disassembled on two third. In the company have estimated losses from - for design installations in the sum about 30 million roubles. The platform under an attraction, which cost makes an order of 4 million roubles, remains in park. in 4 million roubles we have presented the credit to a city - mister Gnezdilov has told. As he said, the wheel will be taken out abroad. Vladimir Gnezdilov has declared that will transfer an attraction from Samara in a zone with steadier legal relations . The businessman is assured that the representative of management of Rosstrojnadzora unreasonably disturbed to big wheel building.

Vitse - the mayor of Samara Victor Kudryashov has specified that a key condition of the agreement with GK the World there was a write-off by the company of debts against it MT Parks of Samara in 4 million roubles. The loan was is taken by the enterprise at old administration for platform building under a big wheel. Mister Kudryashov has specified that GK the World has given to the authorities the dismantle project, as well as the mayoralty earlier demanded. Under the agreement dismantle term makes 60 days, - the official has told. - but we insist, that GK the World has made it earlier . vitse - the mayor has declared that at the authorities was a lot of information that the wheel was dangerous enough and consequently it is satisfied that this object will not be started. It has disagreed with Vladimir Gnezdilova`s charges that in Samara to the power interfere with business development. business development is not promoted by rough infringements of the standard norms which suppose the separate companies, - the official parried. - there is not such a difficult way from bodies of technical supervision to co-ordinate building. Why GK the World did not want it to pass, already to think there is no sense .

Thus Victor Kudryashov is assured that the mayoralty without effort will find the new investor for Gagarin`s park. According to the official, goradministratsija has already received the offer from the company which also intends to erect a big wheel in park of a name of Gagarin. However names of potential investors mister Kudryashov did not name.