Rus News Journal

The engineer on duty


the Man, 22 - 35 years

Formation - the technical higher (unfinished IN)

Knowledge of OS XP/ Win7

Knowledge MS Office

Support of working capacity of servers and workstations (more than 600). Repair at level of replacement of accessories, ability of work with a soldering iron (for example replacement of condensers by motherboards).

Work with sources of an uninterrupted food: connection, adjustment, replacement of batteries, calibration.

experience with the peripheral computer equipment and office equipment (printers, kopiry, faxes. Connection, small repair, refuelling of cartridges.

work with the structured cable network of the enterprise. Equipment connection, search and elimination of malfunctions. Understanding of principles of work of the active network equipment. Appointment of switchboards, routers adjustment experience also Is etc. desirable.

Work with a corporate television network of the enterprise. Expansion of a television cable network, equipment connection, search of malfunctions.

work from audio - video the conference equipment - a hall (microphones, mikshernyj the panel, zvuko - the intensifying and writing down equipment, a videoprojector).


the Replaceable schedule of work, including days off and holidays.

Sotspaket: the medical insurance, sports hall, a dining room in enterprise territory.