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It was possible to collect 2,5 million signatures, but the part from them was eliminated by Prokhorov`s command

Michael Prokhorov has presented signatures to the Central Electoral Commission. The businessman has brought 2 million 100 thousand signatures which managed to be collected for its registration by the candidate in presidents of Russia. The correspondent FM Uljana Malashenko has told similitude to Andrey Norkinu.
- Prokhorov or someone from its representatives has explained, why so long - that have forced all to wait?

- Yes. All were explained by Michael Prokhorov. Its short briefing recently has ended. In TSIKe for it waited in 10 mornings, but it has arrived at half past three. And, as he has explained, it has been connected with the size of boxes into which have originally packed signatures. Boxes have appeared too big and did not pass through the frameworks established in TSIKe. And consequently it was necessary to pack anew signatures into boxes less. So Michael Prokhorov has told about a delay. As he said, Prokhorov`s command was possible to collect 2,5 million signatures, but a part from them has eliminated at once, thus, as this candidate for presidents has noted, having simplified work TSIKu.

Check of documents will begin tomorrow as representatives of the Central Electoral Commission have informed. It is known also that now trucks with the signatures collected in support of Michael Prokhorov unload, but the car with other documents, in particular with a number of financial reports while is late.

- and as to Mezentsev and Javlinsky, they with the signatures as consult?

- Now other candidate for presidents, mister Mezentsev, has already appeared in TSIKe, the mister Javlinsky should appear in the near future too, but it is last information which is known about these candidates for presidents.

- but I correctly remember, what 18 hours are extreme time, yes? If later already signatures will not accept.

- Yes, really, it so. But, as representatives TSIKa earlier informed, the most important thing that candidates for presidents have entered into this building till six o`clock even if it will occur five minutes prior to building closing all the same signatures will accept.