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Where rescue, there and the house

About Dzhanetu Bazarovu who wants to become the invalid

Some years ago in a family of my friends happens misfortune - the daughter hard was ill. Hard, but it is not hopeless. The girl needed long and very expensive treatment in German or Israeli clinics. Certainly, stolkih money at parents of the girl was not. Here - that they also have remembered that on a nationality they somewhat Jews. For the sake of rescue of the child they have decided to emigrate to Israel, having shifted thus unreasonable medical expenses on the Israeli state.

But Jews they were so-so - distant relative. It was difficult enough to them to observe all emigratory formalities in the Israeli embassy. Documents any to collect, interview any to pass - I, to tell the truth, not so I know, what formalities in the Israeli embassy happen. But the main thing - to it was necessary as - that to hide from the Israeli immigration authorities that they go to the Earth Promised at all to wait the Messiah, and not to defend and build up the Jewish state - and go the child to treat, and for expensive, and into the state account. They and documents collected as - that so that was not clear, the girl is how much sick. They and on interviews a theme of a daughter tried as - to bypass that. And employees of the Israeli embassy guessed about them that people muddle, all demanded new documents and appointed all new interviews. And at last - have got to the bottom.

during the next interview the employee of the Israeli embassy has strictly looked at my friends and has strictly asked:

- At you after all the child the invalid? Truth? What do you hide?

- well... Tyk... Pyk... - unfortunate parents were restive...

and the ambassadorial employee angrily inflated nostrils. And on a table at it my friends documents already flied, both the press clapped, and signatures were put... And the employee angrily spoke:

- What for you hid! It is impossible to hide anything! You need to go urgently and urgently the child to treat! - and already submitting it ready documents, summarised. - Poezzhajte is faster home, treat the child.

to huge my regret, we here, in Russia, have faced history absolutely return. The family of Bazarovyh has arrived from Turkmenia not because to them there was badly. They have arrived to treat the child. At their nine-year daughter Dzhanety - imperfect osteogenez, the raised fragility of bones. On neskolku crises every year. Moves in an invalid carriage. In addition grows in bones often accompanying imperfect osteogenez a tumour - a pseudo-sarcoma. In Turkmenia it do not treat. It and in Moscow that treat only for money, but though as - nibud.

On bureaucratic parametres any there the family of Bazarovyh had the right to the status of immigrants. Than they also have used. Have sold in Turkmenia everything, on the obtained money have bought unusable habitation where - that in Vladimir region is it was necessary for pereselencheskogo the status. But in Vladimir region, certainly, do not live, live in Moscow, near to clinic. Rent apartment, work, potter with the child as many children could dream only...

but here - that problems also begin. And a problem not monetary property though also money, certainly, regularly does not suffice on medicines. Problems legal.

it was necessary to the Russian immigration authorities to learn that the girl seriously ill, documents of Dzhanety began to be made out as - that separately from parental. Parents have received the status of immigrants, and Dzhaneta - are not present. Under the law of Dzhanete it would be necessary to go each three months to Turkmenia, to cross border that its right to stay in territory of the Russian Federation was updated. Nine-year! In an invalid chair! Try - ka fly to Turkmenia there - here, it is simple that have put a stamp in a migratory card!

from - for absence of the status of Dzhaneta to which special medical aid is required, it is deprived even base. The medical insurance is not present. It is impossible to issue physical inability. To polyclinic it is impossible to be attributed. Tooth to cure free of charge - and that is impossible, and after all at children with imperfect osteogenezom with teeth - special problems: genez teeth at them after all too the imperfect.

present, who has children what it to raise the child without citizenship, even without the status of the immigrant - have presented?

Dzhanetu and in school - that took simply because was compassionate the principal, wishing to make the school modern, inkljuzivnoj that together with healthy children children - invalids studied - and here just Dzhanetina mum has come: whether take the girl to study for goodness sake?

All Dzhanetina life only on that also keeps that there are kind people. That in migratory service the small official at own risk will correct documents as if Dzhaneta flied to Turkmenia. That in polyclinic the doctor of signs, being based exclusively on a Hippocratic Oath. Philanthropists of money for treatment will collect that. That here in school take on the bird`s rights.

we nevertheless are assured, as treatment, and formation of Dzhaneta should receive not on favour of kind people, and by right. We believe that there can not be deprived of civil rights a child living on our earth, especially sick.

this day when you read this column, we, that is the project Pravonapadenie the Russian fund of the help, we sit and we puzzle how to rehabilitate Dzhanetu Bazarovu.