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The government of Moscow breaks posters

the Government of Moscow again has legal proceedings with operator News Outdoor largest in the country from - for 8,1 thousand afishnyh stands for which the city does not receive rent payments. But this time authorities of the capital have replaced tactics: if in 2009 they have refused to prolong the contract with the operator for three years now demand to nullify the agreement.
the capital department of mass-media and advertising in the end of December of last year has submitted to arbitration court of Moscow the claim to entering into Open Society group News Outdoor mosgorreklama . The claimant asks to nullify the concluded contract. The head of department Vladimir Tchernikov has explained that a dispute subject again became belonging mosgorreklame more than 8,1 thousand afishnyh format stands 1,751,8 m.

the Three-year contract between mosgorreklamoj and by authorities of the capital has been concluded in December, 2003. It was meant that the authorities should pay mosgorreklame which did not pay rent deductions, sticking-up of posters. In the document it has been written down that the contract lasts automatically for the next three years if one of the parties in in advance stipulated term does not notify the partner on unwillingness to continue cooperation.

in December, 2009 the predecessor of department - the committee of advertising, the information and registration of Moscow - has refused to prolong the contract with mosgorreklamoj . But in time has not notified on it the company, and that through court has demanded to recognise the contract operating till December, 2012. The arbitration court and cassation instance recognised correctness mosgorreklamy .

Now the department challenges the concluded contract, instead of its prolongation till 2012, mister Tchernikov specifies. As he said, if this process is won, department then through court will demand with mosgorreklamy To compensate the rent payments not received during the last years. He does not specify the size of indemnification, but earlier committee tried to collect with mosgorreklamy almost 310 million rbl. since December, 2009.

mister Tchernikov reminds that under the law About advertising since July, 2012 to distribute places under advertising designs it is possible exclusively by results of the auctions, therefore contract prolongation in 2009 was illegal. This argument used in court and lawyers of committee, on what mosgorreklama objected that the contracts concluded to come into force amendments to the law About advertising five years, that is till July, 2012 are considered valid as early as.

in a press - to service News Outdoor have declared that for the present have not familiarised with the statement of claim.

News Outdoor estimates the share in all Russian market of outdoor advertising following the results of 2010 in 22,5 %. That is the gain group has made almost 7,9 mlrd rbl. In mosgorreklame News Outdoor, according to its management, 48,5 % belong. Other owners do not reveal.

operating director News Outdoor Maxim Tkachev recognised earlier that the contribution of posters to group total receipts is extremely insignificant. A key active mosgorreklamy there were almost 600 headers - peretjazhek, considered as the most profitable format in naruzhke . But in July of last year the government of Moscow has forbidden in a city all peretjazhki. Besides, designs on fences have been forbidden, therefore demand on afishnye stands from past autumn could grow considerably, the general director of the research company " assumes; ESPAR - the Analyst Andrey Berezkin.

Now afishnye stands mosgorreklamy - Unique designs which have all permissions but for which the city does not receive rent payments, mister Tchernikov marks.