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Two thousand tons of oil products is much

28 days and 10 million is required to pump out fuel with sunk Costa Concordia. Fuel leak can seriously affect ecological conditions, representatives " speak; Green Peace .
Pumping out of fuel from liner Costa Concordia will occupy not less than 28 days. On it inform the Italian mass-media. Operation will cost nearby 10 million Thus probability of environmental contamination is very high, ecologists consider. In liner tanks is almost 2,5 thousand tons of fuel. Its leak can lead to ecological accident.

in this case the Italian company Carnival to which posesses a vessel, will face mullions-strong claims, the operating partner of legal firm Lidings Andrey Zelenin has informed.

it is potentially possible to talk about two kinds of claims which can be shown the ship-owner. In - the first, this application administrative, and is possible also criminal sanctions in connection with causing of a damage to environment owing to infringement of service regulations a vessel which has entailed deterioration of ecological conditions as a whole. And the second type of claims are claims from the concrete private or state companies which we will the real or potential damage as a result of flood is caused, it is possible to talk about several tens millions euro .

As the minister of environment of Italy has declared Korrado Klini, there is a high probability of that the liner will leave under water more deeply. In this case all subsequent actions will depend on that, will receive a vessel additional damages or not.

the Ship has sunk in a reserved zone, therefore fuel leak can do enormous harm to a region ecosystem. It was declared by the head of the power program Green Peace Russia Vladimir Tchuprov.

In a case if there will be not the worst scenario fuel leaves. 2000 tons of oil products are much. If there will be the worst scenario, it means that risks for the wild nature of Mediterranean sea, for natatorial, high, - are considered by Tchuprov. - hundreds and even thousand birds can suffer. At least, it is fish, these are seaweed. Further on a chain everything, as to fishing, everything that can get on a table to the person .

The day before it became known about leak of a toxic liquid. It have found out nearby to a place of wreck of liner Costa Concordia. As have declared the Italian authorities, about leak of fuel speech does not go yet.