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Autocrediting was closed on third

by Minpromtorg has summed up the state program of preferential autocrediting closed from the beginning of 2012. Last year actions of the program the share of the credits which have been given out in its frameworks, has grown approximately to third of all given out autocredits. End of action of the program, an event against deterioration by banks of conditions on credits, will lead to decrease in a share of sales of cars on credit and market stagnation.
Minpromtorg supervising the state program of preferential autocrediting, has summed up its work. According to department, for 2011 banks have given out more than 263 thousand subsidised autocredits; even in the autumn Minpromtorg expected to give out 200 thousand Popularity of the program grew gradually: in 2009 delivery of preferential autocredits has made 71,6 thousand, in 2010 - 165,7 thousand the Savings Bank (73 thousand credits) became Leader on delivery of soft loans in 2011. Active participation in it was accepted also by Rusfinans - bank (52,4 thousand) Within a year even it was possible to them to overtake the Savings Bank by quantity of the given out credits, VTB 24 (36,2 thousand) and Rosbank (19,9 thousand) .

Since January, 1st, 2012 action of the state program of the preferential autocrediting starting in March, 2009, is finished. Within the limits of the program the state subsidised to the bank which is giving out the credit for acquisition of the car of the Russian assemblage, an interest rate part under the credit. The grant was given at a rate of 2/ 3 rates of refinancing of the Central Bank (by the current moment - 8 %). Originally it was possible to receive the soft loan on cars by to 350 thousand rbl. and only in three State Banks: VTB, the Savings Bank and Rosselhozbanke. Subsequently to the program private banks have been admitted, and the price threshold on cars has been raised to 600 thousand rbl. Under program action tens Russian and foreign (but collected in Russia) marks of cars fell.

as a whole participants of the market estimate the program of preferential autocrediting as successful. in 2011 the program has provided an order of third of total amount of delivery of autocredits - the chief executive of agency " specifies; avtostat Sergey Udalov. By its calculations, thanks to the program the share of sales of cars on credit from total amount of sold cars in 2011 actually has returned on pre-crisis level of 30 %. In 2009 this share made only 16,8 % (at total amount of sales in $29 mlrd), in 2010 - 25,1 % (the total amount of sales has grown thus to $40,3 mlrd), and in 2011, by a tentative estimation, has made 28 % from the sales volume which has grown to level $61,5 billion

In the end of the last year affinity of end of the program even stimulated delivery of autocredits. at us in December the share of sales of cars has on credit reached a historical maximum in 41,3 % from total amount of sales to physical persons which too was at high level and has made almost 4,7 thousand cars, - the chief executive of the company " makes comments; Rolf Finans (own credit - the insurance agent in structure Rolfa ) Vitaly Pavlovsky. - such dynamics besides seasonal prevalence was provided with state program influence: buyers became more active in the end of the year, aspiring to be in time to use privileges . Delivery of autocredits at us in December has grown approximately on 25 % by November - the first vice-president of Rosbank Igor Antonov estimates.

however already during the current year the share of the cars sold account, possibly, will be reduced. the share of sales of cars on credit, obviously, will decrease, we hope that not more low than to 34 % from total amount of sales, - Vitaly Pavlovsky speaks. - however not only as a result of state program cancellation, but also because of the general toughening by banks of conditions of autocrediting against deterioration of a situation with liquidity . Rates under autocredits from the end of last year have already started to grow at universal banks, further changes of credit conditions can be expected and from keptivnyh players, the mister Pavlovsk specifies. Trustee Rajffajzenbanka Andrey Stepanenko predicts that in 2012 the volume of delivery of autocredits in the market remains at the levels reached in 2011. last year first of all is obliged by the successes to the state support of car industry, and prospect of 2012 from the point of view of sales of cars as a whole and on credit in particular while are not clear, - the owner of the distribution company " speaks; Kvingrup Lenur Isljamov. - In 2012 the volume of the market of crediting will depend on, whether banks will toughen credit conditions and requirements to borrowers .