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Muslim Huchiev became city -

the Council of deputies of Grozny has selected the manager of Grozny Muslima Huchieva executing powers of the mayor, new city - the manager of capital of the Chechen Republic, has informed on January, 18th RIA News the representative of the mayoralty.
except Muslima Huchieva the chief of department of the industry, transport and communication of the mayoralty of Grozny has been included in the list of candidates Sultan Malsagov. During voting by show of hands of 19 deputies from 22 have voted for Huchieva. According to changes in the charter of Grozny which have been brought in August, 2011, Muslim Huchiev will fulfil now duties of the mayor as city - the manager - the interlocutor of agency has told. Thus he has added that with mister Huchievym the contract on management of a city for five years is signed. According to the representative of the mayoralty, c election of the mayor of capital finishes formation of all branches city authorities Grozny . In the end of December, 2011 on a post of the mayor by members of parliament the deputy of the city Legislative Council from " has been selected; an United Russia Zaur Hizriev. It also is allocated by powers of the chairman of the council of deputies of capital of the Chechen Republic.