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“ If in our past were not only heroes, but also villains why frankly not to tell about it? “

Sweden begins new investigation of circumstances of  destruction of the most mysterious captive Stalin, Soviet “ the Iron mask “ - the Swedish diplomat Raul Vallenberga. On its account of ten rescued lives of the Hungarian Jews. Vallenberg was lost in the conclusion in Soviet Union under till now obscure circumstances. This year its centenary is celebrated. Konstantin Eggert considers that the Soviet past harms till now both to Russia, and its image in the world.
all over the world Raul Vallenberga consider as the hero. His name names tens streets and the areas. About it hundreds books are written. The offspring of the richest and influential industrial and bank dynasty of Sweden, Vallenberg worked in the Swedish embassy in Hungary occupied by nazis. To local Jews who should deport in death camp, it has given out ten thousand Swedish security passports, and thus has saved it life.

in 1945 the Soviet armies have entered into Budapest. 32 - the summer diplomat and its driver was grasped by counterspionage SMERSH, and since then it nobody saw. The Soviet mode at first lay to Swedes that about any Vallenberge knows nothing. Then admitted that he like would die of heart attack on Lubjanke in 1947. Then, already in 2000, again admitted that it and the driver have shot.

hearings that actually Vallenberg has lived almost to 80 - h years, circulate till now, though hardly probable it was so. For 70 years all these to relatives and have not given convincing proofs of that actually happens with the diplomat. But have transferred some personal things.

Moreover, the Russian departments, type of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, even after crash of the USSR in every possible way block any investigation. The same was with affairs of the Polish officers and the intellectuals killed by Stalin in Katyni.

I am assured: new investigation will cause tantrum in Moscow. Swedes, Poles and other any more are given the first year to a miracle - why to the present Russian heads so road history Soviet palachestva and reputation of the Soviet executioners? Why in offices of employees of the Russian special services portraits Dzerzhinsky, and in one of smart halls of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Lavrentija Pavlovicha Berii in a smart uniform till now hang a light image?

the Standard justification that it supposedly “ our history “ or another - “ it is not necessary to disturb rest of veterans “ - I always found either stupid, or crafty. Between Beriej and Himmler there is no special difference - but you can present yourselves a portrait “ Iron Henry “ in a building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Berlin? And whence this strange logic - “ if the veteran, then admirer Stalin “? And why cares of a peace of mind really available stalinistov should eclipse care of rising generation to which regularly poison lie about moustached “ the effective manager “?

If in our past were not only heroes, but also villains why frankly not to tell about it? New, fair investigation “ Raul Vallenberga`s affairs “ could become a reference point for the new, fair approach to the past. Not for the sake of Swedes (though they, undoubtedly, have the right to know truth), and for the sake of ourselves and our children.