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Putin has considered ethnic argument deserving use

At a meeting with editors-in-chief of the Russian mass-media Vladimir Putin has unexpectedly expressed on an ethnic question: in its opinion, oppozitsionnost writer Boris Akunina it is caused by its Georgian origin and the conflict between Russia and Georgia. Special correspondent ID
Oleg Kashin assumes that the statement of the prime minister is caused by its representations about real sights of electorate.
sometimes I put myself to the place of typical supporter Vladimir Putin and I reflect, as though I have reacted to the next unevident act of the Russian prime minister. Usually it turns out not bad - always it is possible to find any argument in protection, it in general such interesting game. But as though I have reacted to Putin`s remarks concerning a nationality of Akunin, I could not think up. Probably, in any way. Would make a kind that this remark is not worthy, has told and has told, have passed. On - to mine, the reasonable arguments justifying transfer of political debate in conversations on an ethnic origin, simply do not exist.

in general I am glad that Putin it has told. I am glad not from a principle the worse, the better that is why that the Putin statement in general - that has brought to nothing all efforts on gluing of this awful label - the nationalist or even the fascist on some opponents of the Kremlin. The fascist many years named Edward Limonova, but Lemons never said, for example, Tine Kandelaki that it criticises it because it the Georgian.

Alexey Navalnogo often reproach with nationalism, but also Navalnyj in one of the performances never dared to do conclusions on the basis of that someone of its opponents - the ethnic Georgian or the ethnic Armenian . I at all do not remember such rhetoric at such level - even, forgive, in years struggle against cosmopolitism the first person of such statements did not allow itself.

but I will not begin to brand Putin and to threaten it 282 - j with Criminal code article. Here another is more interesting - Putin after all very good orator, and in any casual reservations made under the influence of emotions, I not so trust. It is clear that truth is known only by Putin and, maybe, somebody from its environment, I do not know truth, but all - taki I will assume: about the Georgian of Akunin is there was a house preparation. Putin could expect that the name of Akunin will sound at this meeting with editors, and he has considered ethnic argument deserving use. What for? To prove to Alexey Venediktovu a wrongfulness of Akunin? I do not think. Sights of Venediktova are known, and from such argument it garantirovanno would distort. No, Putin addressed not to Venediktovu - he addressed to voters.

I many times already spoke about this strange myth which very much love in the Kremlin - a myth that if will take place tomorrow in Russia on - to the present fair elections, on these elections nationalists will necessarily win. It is a lie, but, I think, the power so it is frequent about it said that eventually itself has believed that Russia is occupied by such people, which only and dream of arranging at least small ethnic cleaning.

And specifying in the Georgian origin of Akunin, Putin winks at this invented audience - look supposedly I same, as you. And people look at Putin and think - are not present, the brother, you not same, as we. You Putin.